Panoramic view from top of Eiffel Tower. Photo from WikiMedia. Taken by Armin Hornung.

For many Americans, Paris is a dream place to visit from how much it is romanticized by television, movies, literature and even word of mouth.

The idea of Paris is so ingrained in me that I even have a Parisian-themed room. My love for the city was furthered when I got to learn more about Paris from a video I watched in my French class. From that video I’ve realized that there are so many monuments and various places to explore. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful paintings and sculptures. I learned that there is so much art mainly because back in the day, it was more common to study art than to improve one’s literacy. The art/sculptures were all created by hand with no electronics or complex material like we now use in our century.

One of my friends even told me that they went to Paris last year, but rather than the dreamy beautiful place that I had imagined, the reality was that Paris was more filthy and disgusting than the media portrays it as. My friend even went as far suggested not to go to Paris because of this and even though a part of me is telling me to listen to him, another part of me was telling me that I need to see it for myself and make my own judgement. My desire to travel to this city had been a lifelong dream of mine because things nowadays don’t last as long as they should. I don’t want to be the kind of person who gives up on their dream just because of something someone said.

Eiffel Tower in Paris. Photo from WikiMedia. Taken by Benh Lieu Song.

A popular attraction in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, a over-1000 feet tall monument, which is known worldwide and is the tallest building there in France. I have always wanted to see it in real life. When you look from the tower or from a high area, you can see from a lot of the buildings, museums, restaurants, etc. in the city.

There were plenty of sights to see in Paris and many restaurants nearby as well. To be quite honest, I believe that when I go to Paris, (one day, hopefully soon,) I’ll probably just try the dessert and coffee because I just think I’m so used to eating Brazilian and American food that I won’t like the food offered in Paris. I’ll probably try one or two dinner foods when I go to the restaurants just to be respectful and actually tell people that I didn’t try it because it looked distasteful. I really don’t think I’ll like it but it’s good to try new things.

The part I enjoyed learning about at restaurants in Paris is that you never really wait in line. It comes to the point where if you think the wait is too long, people just go to another restaurant nearby without complaining or getting angry because lines are commonplace in Paris.

Paris is also known for other things other than the art and food. There are even two days per week where a few roads are closed so that people can roller blade on the streets and I find that so interesting. The theatres of Paris are also notable. How do I even put words to describe how elegant and beyond beautiful the theatre looks?

Being able to actually see all the beautiful things there is to in Paris would a dream come true. Even if it was only through a video, my dream to visit Paris was reinvigorated and it just made me feel so lively and has given me more motivation to learn more French so that when I do visit, I’ll not only see the sights but also know the language!

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