A Look Into Everything Club

Everything Club is a new, recently formed club here at Malden High. It was formed by sophomores, Sarah Marinho, Samantha Duragano, and Blue and Gold member Neden Bernardin, with its advisor being an English teacher, Pasquale DiBenedetto. Every week the club focuses on a different topic or theme which they discuss or do activities based around the topic during the meeting.

When asked how the club club was created Marinho said that she has had “the idea to create a club since [her] freshman year.” She decided on Everything Club because she thought that “mixing all [her] favorite topics, along with her co-presidents would be a great idea.” When she came up with the idea they immediately got the ten signatures needed to start a club, and gave them to Mr. Lombardi. She also mentions that Durango, Bernardin, and her wanted to create this club because they wanted to “be in charge of something that could eventually have a good impact on the school.”

Marinho said that they wanted to approach DeBenedetto to be the advisor because of how he is “a respected teacher” and because she felt that he would “understand the importance of this club the same way [she] and her friends do.” She adds that he is “not only a great teacher, but also a great advisor.”

When asked, DiBenedetto described the club as being about “anything and everything.” He says that the club “incorporates stress relief activities, political rants, and team building activities.” DiBenedetto says that when he was approached about the club he “was so impressed by Marinho’s, Durango’s, and Bernardin's enthusiasm and vision as it pertained to the club.” So much so that that he immediately agreed to be the advisor because of how “well organized” the plan for the club was.

So far the club seems like it is going to be a success with Marinho mentioning that they were all “excited to see over 20 people come to the first meeting.” During the first meeting they introduced themselves and played games. He mentions that they “welcome all  in our club in everything [they] do” and that new members are always free to come.

The member’s goals for Everything Club are “to have great activities planned for each of our themes” and “to create a safe haven for students to be able to voice their opinions and nurture one another’s perspectives.” For the next meeting, they are thinking about discussing American politics.

If you are interested in joining everything club, meetings will be every Thursday at 2:30 p.m in DiBenedetto’s room, J487.

Ailin Toro

Senior Ailin Toro is a returning member to the Blue and Gold and is back as managing editor. She has been in the class since her freshman year. Her favorite subject is English because she has an interest in writing. Toro enjoys listening to music. Her favorite artist is King Princess and her favorite song from her is “Talia”. She was born in Colombia and moved here when she was six years old. She is close with her family, and has a younger sister, who is in middle-school, and a brother who is a year old. Toro also has a job at GAP and would describe herself as quiet and hardworking. She is looking forward to help the newspaper be the best it can be in her final year.

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