The Speech and Debate Team is a club at Malden High School that focuses on the art of debating and public speaking. The Speech and Debate team has been a tradition at MHS, since the club has been going on for over a decade now.

The Speech and Debate team hosts events like Debate Night, which was also hosted by the History Club. The team also hosts debates between themselves at club meetings, to enhance their debating skills. Although the club has a key feature, debating, the Speech and Debate team do much more than that. It’s common for people to recite speeches, reading plays or even reciting poetry. This helps improve the member’s communication, social and public speaking skills.

According to junior Harrison Zeiberg, one of the team’s goals is to “get our name out there by hosting more events to try to get people to join next year.” As mentioned earlier, the Speech and Debate team does plenty of more creative things that someone who was unfamiliar with the group would expect from a Speech and Debate club, such as poetry reading and play reading, so “we’re going to try to inform people what we do more” and how “this club helps improve people with speaking skills, especially public speaking, debate skills, and also helps people with the additional, more creative things we do.”

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