POSSE Profile: Victoria Moore

Senior Victoria Moore is one of the handful of people that have been awarded the POSSE scholarship here at Malden High School. The POSSE scholarship is given out to students who excel in leadership positions and are academically talented.

Those who receive it are rewarded with four-year, full tuition scholarships. The process to be given the POSSE Scholarship consists of three interviews, where after each one, you have to be approved to move on. The first one is one that 100 people are invited to, that mainly consists of group activities like building legos, which is a way to see how well the students can work with other people. The second interview was just 15 minutes, and it was an individual interview. Then, in the final one they go to a group interview with the other finalists from one of the partner colleges for POSSE that they have officially chosen to attend.

Moore describes being nervous for the first interview because she “wasn’t sure how [she] would stick out among all of the other students.” There were similar feelings for the second interview, with her explaining that she was worried that she “didn’t get enough information into the interview.” However, by the third interview, Moore describes herself as being “more comfortable.”

Senior and POSSE Scholarship recipient Victoria Moore. Photo by Ailin Toro.

When Moore got the news that she received the POSSE scholarship she says that she was “really excited, and also really happy.” She had not been sure that she would get it so knowing that she was getting the opportunity to was a great moment for her.

Throughout all of high school Moore played lacrosse, and during sophomore and junior year, she played soccer. Moore also mentions that one of her hobbies is playing lacrosse, showing how she has a passion for it, even outside of school.

Moore is majoring in Environmental Science, but she also adds that she “would be interested in doing something that involves law in the future.”

When asked what she will miss about Malden High, Moore says that she “will miss the diversity that there is at Malden High School” because she knows that most other schools do not have the same amount of diversity that there is here.

When asked if there is a teacher who she felt has influenced her, Moore mentions history teacher, Greg Hurley explaining that the way that he teaches motivates her to want to make a difference, and then also talks about how encouraging he is.

Moore will be heading to Centre College in Kentucky this fall.

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