2019 Class Officer Profile: Shataeya Smith

As 2019 class officer elections are over for the year, many have been appointed into class officer positions. Shataeya Smith is a sophomore at Malden High School and Smith was appointed into the position of Junior Varieties coordinator along with her partner Jennifer Crespo.

Smith decided she wanted to be JV coordinator when she found out there was a way to contribute to the show itself. When furthering her knowledge about the position and the amount of work it required she felt eager to contribute to the show in the greatest way possible. She states that the position “met up with [her] standards of participation.”

She believes that her “strong leadership skills and willingness to listen to others and be optimistic and supportive” allows her to be a great JV coordinator.  She says that what separates her from the other candidates that ran was “[her] willingness to be open as well as being very energetic.” Smith has taken many leadership classes as well as having prior hosting and planning big event experiences and takes those situations and uses them for the classes  benefit.

Outside of school, Smith participates in indoor track and field in the winter and outdoor track and field in the spring for Malden High. She is a discus thrower and shot putter and has been on the team for 4 seasons since freshmen year.

Her favorite subjects in school consist of science, Spanish and math. Smith enjoys reading, writing, drawing as well as volunteering at her church and any event she can. She also loves to donate and advocate for amazing causes.

Smith praises the class of 2019 for their talent and creativity which will positively impact the making of the class of 2019 Junior Varieties coming next year.

Kayla Sousa

Kayla Sousa, a sophomore at Malden High School, is intrigued to start her first year on the Blue and Gold newspaper. Sousa born and raised in Malden, enjoys biking,writing,and reading. Growing up in Malden, Kayla spend her last years at Salemwood. One of her favorite subjects at MHS is Spanish and one of her favorite dishes is Chinese food. Sousa hopes to improve her experience with photography and is excited to meet new people. On her free time, Sousa enjoys reading and writing,but also biking.

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