Field Hockey Profile: Sydney Addorisio

Senior Sydney Addorisio is one of this season’s captains for the Field Hockey team at Malden High School. Addorisio joined the team two years ago, starting out as an inexperienced sophomore

Field Hockey Captain Sydney Addorisio. Photo by Angelina Prum.

who “never picked up a stick before”, and quickly rose above the ranks. Fellow teammate Senior Kaytlin Kwong asserts that Addorisio is a “great captain, and she is responsible and excellent at taking charge.” Addorisio is also “reliable both on the field and off the field”, and a “dependable wing and front line player” according to Kwong.

Addorisio’s interest in playing field hockey began when a friend of hers texted her to go to captain’s practice. “It started with the idea of getting a gym waiver”, Addorisio jokingly admits. She “went to captain’s practice...the waiver kind of tricked [her] into falling in love with the sport, so [she] stuck with it for the next two years”. Addorisio reveals that her favorite part about field hockey is “playing games and even staying and watching JV play.” She tries to stay and cheer on [her] team.” Addorisio spent sophomore year playing with both the junior varsity and varsity team, and she officially joined varsity junior year. Her first year on varsity was her favorite season, since it “was [her] first year playing varsity, so [she feels] like [she] rose to the occasion.”

On how she could continue to improve her performance on the field this year, Addorisio says she would like to work on dodging, and learn how to do “a lot of dodging instead of going through people.” An aspect of field hockey that she feels she has improved on immensely throughout the years is communication both in practice and on the field, such as calling her team members by name. On her communication skills, teammate senior Brian Tran Le affirms that Addorisio does a good job at “calling for the ball”.

Although Addorisio loves the sport she plays, there has been some rough times. One example is “missing a really great pass” and having to do long distance running at practice. Nevertheless, the good moments outweigh the bad. Addorisio states that one of her best moments on the team is definitely her partnership with team member Kaytlin Kwong. She says that their partnership “worked out really well” and they would spend some time throwing the ball “back and forth up the field, and take turns to see who is going to get the ball up higher.”

Balancing athletics and academics is not always easy, especially with three AP classes on her schedule. Addorisio “is really hard working, and always working on something extra outside of school to make herself improve.” Addorisio manages the two with a routine. She dedicates “the two hours to practice or games, and when [she gets] home, [she does] all [her] homework and [she makes] sure [she does] the assignments that are due the next day first, before [she does extra] work to try to get ahead.” Other than playing field hockey, Addorisio’s hobbies include participating in clubs such as Play Production, and Z Club, a club outside of Malden High, and watching her siblings.

Sara Zakaria

Sara Zakaria is a senior at Malden High and the Print Editor-in-Chief. Zakaria has been with the Blue and Gold newspaper for her fourth year now. She continued her pursuit in the newspaper due to her enjoyment in designing the newspaper and being a leader in the class. Zakaria wants to energize the paper and add her own creative flair to it. Although she is not certain about what she wants to major in, she knows she will study journalism regardless. Additionally, her favorite subjects are history, English, and French. Zakaria is also passionate about film--not limiting herself to a certain film genre, however, her favorite director is Quentin Tarantino. Throughout her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to music, describing her music tastes as “anything classic.” She wants to finish her year strong and bring her best abilities to the new Blue and Gold year.

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