Football Profile: Tyler Martineau

Tyler Martineau, a junior at Malden High School, has been playing football since he was 11 years old. Martineau explained how he has “always wanted to play [his] whole life, and had been something that [he] has been interested in.” Martineau began in the sixth grade playing Pop Warner and now is playing center and defensive tackle for the MHS varsity team. Martineau hopes to get faster and stronger to ensure he can play the best he can.

Junior captain Tyler Martineau blocking against Methuen's defensive players. Photo courtesy of Marcus Simon.

Martineau stated that if he were not captain, “[he] would still be a leader by making sure everyone is staying focused”. Martineau wishes to be a role model for his teammates and even students around MHS. Martineau says that “[he] is always focused during a game and all [he] has to worry about is doing [his] job”. Martineau, as the only sophomore last year to make the All-Scholastic team, feels very grateful that he was able to get the opportunity and wishes that “[he] can do it again this year”.

Some of biggest strengths Martineau has are “run-blocking and pass-blocking”, as mentioned by senior Edouard Bazile. Bazile says Martineau is “a great player and leader”. Martineau leads the offensive line, and in the eyes of Bazile, “It is the most important part of the team”. Although not knowing him so well in the past, Bazile has built a strong relationship with Martineau and hopes to make their bond even stronger.

  Freshman Matthew Bessey, a fellow teammate of Martineau, has been friends with him for over five years and has played sports with him throughout his entire athletic career. Bessey explained how “[Martineau] is a great leader and has an unbreakable passion for the game”. Bessey believes that “[Martineau] does his best to make sure people stay on track and that [the team] works as hard as [they] can”. He added that Martineau always lends a helping hand towards players that seem to need work but is always optimistic for what the future holds for him and the team.

Junior captain Tyler Martineau before the game. Photo courtesy of Marcus Simon.

Overall, Martineau and his teammates are looking forward to this season with his teammates.


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