The hurricane in Puerto Rico has taken a toll on the communities there and called for immediate assistance to the citizens. However, they have not been getting the help they need. When the Multicultural Club at MHS had heard about the devastating impact of the storm, they decided to do something right away.

Ms. Marquez poses for a picture, along with Multicultural Club members, on the day of the fundraiser.

Seniors Andrea Merino Martinez and Amanda Santorelli were the members of the club who came up with the idea of having a fundraiser. Soon after that, they got Ben and Jerry's to donate 80 boxes of ice cream to them so they can sell them as their fundraiser. They were donated small tubs in which they sold each tub for $2 each. With these tickets, students could come after school to purchase a tub in the flavor of their choice.

The fundraiser ended up being very successful and raised over $200. The club donated the $200 to UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) so that they can send release boxes to Puerto Rico. These relief boxes contained things that could help people survive such first aid products, food and water.

The fundraiser was a great success, accomplishing the mission that the Multicultural Club wanted to accomplish: to help another country in need.

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