In honor of former coach, the late Mac Singleton, Malden High School’s Captain’s Council has created their first scholarship headed by Office Secretary Barbara Scibelli. Coach Singleton devoted the greater part of his life to coaching kids and college students throughout New England, even coaching at MIT and Harvard, and died in February of this year.

The late Coach Mac Singleton. Photo submitted by Barbara Scibelli.

In Malden, Singleton was very involved, he taught tennis to young kids on Saturday mornings and was an inaugural inductee to the Malden’s Golden Tornado Club Hall of Fame. Singleton also assisted coach Levine from 2009-2011 with the Girls’ Basketball team at Malden High and was head coach of wrestling at Chelsea High. He was not always a coach, he was also a star player for Malden High School’s Football, Baseball, and Basketball teams.

Scibelli stated “[The Captain’s Council] chose Mac because [he] recently passed and up in our minds and wanted to do something for him to be remembered not and not forgotten.” Senior Manny Quesada- Nylen added “What made [the Captain’s Council] choose Singleton was because of the legacy [he] left behind. [Singleton] being a teacher in both Malden and Everett with years of coaching and being a great mentor in the community was the prime example of an extraordinary human being with a great reputation.”

The criteria for the scholarship is still being decided, but one thing is for sure; only a multi-sport student athlete will be allowed to apply. Quesada- Nylen said “[The Captain’s Council] wanted to make sure [they] picked a multi-sport student athlete, considering that most student athletes that play more than one season are faced with the challenge of maintaining a high academic profile. These kind of students are the hardest working students at Malden High, finding a way to balance a varsity level performance on the field and honor roll grades.”

At the moment the scholarship is only worth $800, but Junior Matt Farias stated that “[The scholarship] can range over a thousand dollars because [the Captain’s Council is] still raising money for the year to have the total be bigger and bigger.” Scibelli went on to say “Coach Levine is allowing Captain’s Council  to raise money at a concession stand at the Rec. Dept. basketball games on Saturday mornings.” Student athletes will soon be able to apply through a hard copy which will be in located in the Main Office.

Farias went on to say “It will hopefully be an annual scholarship going forward so that [Singleton’s] name and legacy will live on and are represented by individuals in our community”.

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