Hometown Heroes

The National History Club is hosting a contest called Hometown Heroes, in which students choose a person that has impacted Malden. This person could be a teacher, a World War II veteran, a past mayor or governor, a nurse and/or a doctor. The first place winner will earn $2,000, the second place will earn $1,000 and two prizes, third place will earn $500 and two prizes as well. Students are encouraged to choose a person and look at how they have impacted them with a positive attitude. They can submit with an essay, documentary, or a website format. They will also need an annotated bibliography.

Damian Aufiero, a history teacher and leader of the National History Club, said that the contest had no limit to how many heros people can choose from. Aufiero also said that “this contest is a national competition, and [it is] a national contest so the winners will be chosen from from a group of students around the country and interested students can pick anybody from their hometown”.

This contest can benefit the students because local stories is one of the most meaningful way to connect to your community, because learning more about where you live makes you more attached to a person or place. The purpose of this contest is because of self enrichment and benefit of honoring someone’s legacy.

If students want to participate, go see Mr. Aufiero, B326, to join and honor a hero.

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