In the Ward 8 elections held on November 7th, 2017, incumbent Jadeana Sica won against her opponent, the well-acquainted former city council member Richard Correale Sr.

The election results of ward 8 published in the Print Edition of the Blue and Gold Novermber 2017.

Jadeane Sica (incumbent)

Opening Remarks: Thank you for having me. On the council, I might be quiet which is not my personality every day. I can ensure you that I am a great listener and a quick learner. I believe I work well with all members of the council and getting things done and lobbying for the residents of Ward 8. I feel I work well with everyone on the council because it's not about who you like or dislike. It’s about what is best for the city, and what is best for the city is what is best in the end. This view helps create collaboration and even though I may disagree with a fellow councilor on the next issue, I could be working with the same on. On the past four years in office, I am proud of many accomplishments. Some include, supporting the redevelopment of the former city hall site and the construction of the new police station on Eastern Ave. Working for improvements along the bike path in Linden Square to make it as safe with access points including: crosswalks, signalization and landscaping. I have assisted with the beatification program by including banners and planters in Linden Square, maintenance and upkeep of the bike path, and deltas throughout the Ward 8. I funded the insulation of the bench in honor of our very own Ann Madigan and refurbished the [Hockridge delta]. I have collaborated with the Department of Public Works to organize street clean ups in Ward 8. I have served as a member in the search committee for superintendent of Malden Public Schools. And have sat on the search committee for the CFO and treasurer  I host various events to promote a strong sense of communities to the families of Ward 8 and all of Malden, such as an annual easter egg hunt, July 4th independence,family movie nights and Halloween parties.

Thoughts on Public Commentary:

I was unavailable to come when that meeting took place. I had a short stay in the hospital that particular week. I do think I would've voted in favor of a trial run of the public comment. However, I feel strong about having it during our committee meetings instead of the committee of the whole. Listening to my constituents on the issues and topics at hand would be best utilized if we hear from them during the committee meetings before I take the vote and report it out to the whole city council. But I would have supported a trial and error period for the end of the year.

Affordable Housing:

As a city councillor I have supported the creation of a housing plan that is already in process which positions Malden to be proactive in addressing affordable housing. Malden is doing its part in a significant way. We are one of the top ten in affordable housing already . We need to plan carefully for some more senior housing. I think we are lacking senior housing. I have small senior housing in Ward 8 that is not as big and complex as some of the surrounding wards. I think we are lacking senior  housing, and we should help the housing authority. I have spoken to them and figure out some way we can increase senior housing. We don't have enough of it.

Thoughts on the lack of diversity in the teaching staff of Malden: 

The teachers absolutely do not represent our diverse community. There is a lack of diversity in our teaching staff in our city. We need to figure out ways to get more diversity in our teaching staff here in the Malden Public Schools so children of diverse cultures can look up to teachers of their own cultures. I’m not quite sure why we don't have a diverse teaching staff, having a city so diverse. I’m shocked that we don’t. Maybe we need to increase teaching salaries, like starting teacher salaries. I'm not quite sure but it definitely something that needs to be addressed because the teacher student population on diversity, it’s no diversity in the Malden Public School’s teacher administrator or staff. It lacks it.

Richard Correale Sr.

Opening Remarks: I had the privilege of serving on the Malden City Council for 8 years, from the year 2000 to 2008. I was also a councilor president in 2005. Some of my very special accomplishments is having the east fire station put at the quarry site. I was involved very heavily in the quarry site [and there were a lot of people on different streets up there that I was to get them funded. So many  because damage was done when they were doing a blasphemy (58.19) on the sidewalks], gas lines all got a good sum of money. Also, there were people below that area that got a good sum of money. The first thing I did when I was in city council was there was a problem with the flood gates, and most of you know Malden is in a flood zone and over by the Revere-Linden area. There were some floodgates that weren't working for years and they were some people in the terrace who yards were being flooded all the time. And the salt water would run in their backyards. So, I got together with the city and the state officials and we were able to put some flood gates in there. And ever since those flood gates were put in, I went to one house on Delta Terrace and now he has to use a law mower to cut his grass because everything worked out well for him. I put those monuments across the the Linden School Delta Terrace. There is, I think 44 names on there from gentlemen that served in World War II in Vietnam and Korea, and everyone of them lived in the thousand yards of Ward 8. So, there is a memorial there for them. I feel as though it is time to go back and do some unfinished business. I hope I can get elected. Thank you.

Public Comment:

“I think it is a great idea. I mean, these people pay taxes why shouldn’t they be able to ask us questions and try to get them information. Now, if we could help them out, I don’t think it could be done right then and there. It should be addressed at future committee meetings and looked at further. Sure why not, have them come forward and tell what they feel and what they have to get done, would it be sidewalk repair or whatever they want to do. I think it is a good idea. Do it on a trial bases first. If it works fine. If it doesn’t, we will look at other avenues of approach.”

Lack of Diversity Among the Teaching Staff in Malden: 

I think the teachers are very important to every student. I know they do a very good job in helping the students and guiding the students, and hopefully they keep on doing that. I’ve never heard of any teacher having a problem with too many students not following directions the teachers are there for them and I think they do a great job helping the students. I think some go above and beyond, credit to them. Some don't, you know what, the ones that do thank you very much and keep on that great work. I teachers are very important in everyone of their lives.”

Affordable Housing:

I will agree with the councillor (Councillor Sica) on many different things. I think we need more affordable housing. We are lacking it. That's about it.

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