• Veteran’s Day Parade

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    This year, Malden’s annual Veteran’s Day Parade started marching early morning, November 11th, 2017. Marching a route of almost a mile and a half, the participating groups started the parade near the Beebe School on Elm Street and finished at Malden High School on Salem Street. The parade took around an hour and fifteen minutes from beginning to end, concluding at about eleven o’clock in the morning. Participating in the parade was the Malden High School Band, Malden middle school bands, the William Diamond Junior Drum Corps, from Lexington, the Grand Marshal, St. Joseph’s Parish, the Boy Scouts, and the Kevin Barry Pipes and Drums Band.

    A majority of the participants in the parade were bands who had prepared their own music to play throughout the marching. The Malden High School and middle school band’s, and the William Diamond Junior Drum Corps had played traditional band music complete with snares, trumpets, and other common band instruments. The Kevin Barry Pipes and Drums Band played music using pipes and drums as the name suggests, which gave the parade a certain Malden vibe that would have been missing without them.

    The Parade walked by some recognizable malden locations such as the Malden District Court, The Malden YMCA, and the Salem Street Cemetery. During the celebration, the MHS Band’s trumpet players performed “Taps” for some Malden veterans, to thank them for their service.

    This years Veterans day parade, although shorter than  last’s, definitely captured the correct atmosphere of this vital American holiday.


    Cameron Ryan is a sophomore at Malden High School, but joining his first year on the Blue and Gold staff. He has lived in Malden all his life, but would like to travel to Sicily, Italy because of his heritage there. Ryan is an avid reader and his favorite book is The Ables by Jeremy Scott. Ryan plays the piano and enjoys playing covers of bands such as 21 Pilots but also enjoys playing classical music. He loves watching horror movies, specifically thrillers because he prefers gore over jumpscares. He’s looking forward to being part of the Blue and Gold staff because he likes being busy and he feels that it will improve his writing skills. He wants to put his open-mindedness to good use by writing about anything and everything.

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