Malden Public Library Winter Party

By Gabriel Matnog and Cristopher Correa

Malden Public Library hosted a Young Adult Winter Party as one of their many youth events. The party was held on Thursday, December 14th. Its main purpose, librarian Patrick Brennan says, is for “people [to] come and relax after school”. Various activities are put out for people to use along with snacks and drinks. Examples of some video games the library has for comers to use are NBA 2k17 and Super Smash Bros. There were also all kinds of board games from Apples to Apples all the way to Uno. Snacks and drinks were generously provided along with a pizza that was devoured very quickly.

Many kids came to the party, around 20-30 kids; some from Malden Public Schools and others from private schools such as Cheverus. One of the party attendees was Malden High freshman Bonnie Kuang, who found out about the event through a friend. Kuang says that what caught her attention was that it appeared to be a “fun and calm party”.  She states that “[she has] attended other events like this during the summer.” A factor that usually draws her to come to the library’s events is that most of them are free events for young adults and they are a great way to meet and interact with other people.

Events similar to their monthly movie nights and young adult parties such as this one are funded by Friends of the Malden Public Library, which is a non-profit organization that raises money to support the library. Brennan explains that the reason the library has so many different versions of these gatherings for elementary students all the way high school students is because “[Malden has] many different schools and [it is] very rare that there are public places where students from all the schools can get together.”

Brennan says that “[he plans] on continuing to host parties and other activities such as this one.” The Malden Public Library works very hard to spread the word and advertise these parties and other youth activities as much as they can. Not only are flyers posted all over the doors once you enter the library, but they also post it on their Facebook and Twitter and the events are scheduled on an online calendar available through the library’s website. The holiday party iis the last teen events for the fall season, winter events will begin in either January or February.

For more upcoming events like this, go to this page to find out more.

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