• Mr. Lombardi Resigns as Malden High School Principal. Mr. Mastrangelo To Serve as Interim Principal

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    By Christina Appignani and Ailin Toro 

    Ted Lombardi.

    On December 7, MHS principal Ted Lombardi announced to Malden High School students and staff that he will be resigning as principal of Malden High School on January 4, 2018.

    In an email sent to MHS staff and students, Lombardi expresses his gratitude for the the joyful experience he has had at Malden High School for the past year. In the email, he credits his leave to “circumstances in [his] own life have changed and [he had] to make this difficult decision for [himself] and [his] family”.

    He thanked Malden High School for “being so wonderful” and acknowledges its students as “the shining example that people from all different parts of the world and different walks of life can not only coexist, but thrive together.”

    Boyle House Principal Chris Mastrangelo has been assigned the Interim Principal which was announced by Superintendent John Oteri in a Facebook statement December 7th. In the statement, Oteri announced that the search for a new principal will begin in January.

    Below is a profile of Mr. Mastrangelo that The Blue and Gold staff did in November of 2014.

    And, here are links to Mr. Lombardi’s selection as principal to the high school:








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