The Malden High AP Research class is currently working on their research projects. They will be presenting their projects to the class after they are finished with it.

The AP Research class is somewhere you can research a major question that you have and cohesively put it together an answer for it with the information that you find.

Junior Novia Li’s project is about the “level of test anxiety students have on the SAT in correlation to self-regulated learning”. She is conducting an experiment with volunteers who are juniors taking Pre Calculus. In this experiment, volunteers will be taking two math practice SAT tests, which are 80 minutes with both a calculator and non-calculator section. This will happen over the course of 4 weeks where people will be given an instrument to prepare.

The volunteers will first be getting their baseline pulse rate and after a week, they will take the first math practice test. After, they will be given an SAT study instrument which they will be using for 15 minutes a day over the next 4 weeks. Their baseline pulse rate would be checked again and they would be given another practice test.

Senior Alicia Tan’s project is about feminism in cartoon TV shows. She will be “examining cartoon TV shows with teenage female leads to see whether they comply or go against feminism” that is being experienced now.

She chose this topic because she thought that it would be “fun but also informative” unlike the previous topics she has researched about. She mentioned how she “used to watch cartoons all the time when [she] was a kid” and has seen fairies flying around with sparkles and shopping enough times in it to wonder if she was different because she was not like that. She talks about how “it is like trying to find the balance between what women are portrayed to be and what [they] actually are”.

So far, Tan has had a pretty good experience as “it has been really helping [her] time management. She also mentioned how her AP Research teacher, Sean Walsh, “has been a great teacher as he knows what he is doing”.

Tan believes “what other people have done for research projects has been fascinating with what they found out”. For Tan, seeing different ideas and topics from her classmates has been very nice because she has learned about many things that she did not know about.

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