We all desire a form of connection in our lives, whether it be through friendships or relationships. We can focus our energy so much on finding these things that we forget the other good things in life going on right in front of us, only we are blind to them. We can give all of our time and effort to others, whether it’s being a good friend, child, sibling or partner.

I have been one to have fallen victim to this. For most of my high school career, I have been so preoccupied with being a good daughter to my parents, taking care of my younger brother and being a good friend to those I care about. I have used my energy towards others so much that I haven’t been taking the time to focus on myself and my own goals. I haven’t developed who I desire myself to be as a person because I was so concerned with whether or not the people around me were satisfied with what I had to offer them.

While it is without a doubt that the love other people give you and the love you give them can be a vital support system to your life, it should not be put above the care and attention you give to yourself. Now, I’m not saying to be utterly self-absorbed and without a care for anyone else in the world, but it is very important to love yourself first if you want to also want to give your love to others.

Appreciating yourself can allow you to have a much more positive worldview. When you have a high self esteem as well as goals you set yourself to achieve, your attitude improves and you are more confident not only in how you appear to others, but also to yourself. With this mindset, your mental health with steer away from negative thoughts that could lead you down a dark path. Instead, you will feel motivated to take care yourself, both physically and mentally, in order to improve your well-being.

Not only does loving yourself lead to a better view of the world, it also allows you to view yourself in a caring, loving manner. Just because you see yourself as a great individual as you should be, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop improving. You have a unique set of traits and abilities, and you should continue to pursue and improve these abilities compared to nobody other than your past self. Doing this will allow you to grow as a person to become the best you you could possibly be.

Love can result in extreme happiness, but it is loving yourself that gets you to the point in life before anything. If you love yourself, others will be inspired and drawn to you. Your strengths will prosper, and your weaknesses will continuously improve.

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