Belle of the Ball Opens as Prom Season Approaches

Prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a young adult in high school to enjoy a night at a semi-formal dance with their buddies. For many people, it is in their best interest to look their best, so they can feel confident and beautiful, so they can relax and have fun. For girls, between getting their hair done, their nails, even their makeup and buying shoes and a dress, prom can be very expensive. Unfortunately, many girls cannot afford it and therefore lose the opportunity to attend prom. Fortunately, Belle of the Ball is a dress collection drive, that helps makes prom affordable to high school girls, preferably juniors to seniors. Those who qualify for this program often come from difficult financial backgrounds.

Belle of the Ball is an community organization that has been running for at least ten years now. It has come together to provide prom dresses and accessories for high school students who may not otherwise be able to attend prom. Belle of the Ball “has definitely allowed girls at the Malden High School, go to prom looking beautiful and feeling happy” Ann O’Connor stated. She added “this [has] made a really big impact, it is important to do whatever possible to allow all students to have access to things like going to prom”.

O’Connor later explained how prom is one of the most enjoyable parts of high school, so “it’s important to take advantage and participate in it”. But unfortunately, as time goes by, things are getting more and more expensive, especially for “young ladies”. “Prom can get pretty expensive, so it was pretty wonderful that there is a way for students to attend, whom may not otherwise be able to afford the price of prom” O’Connor said.

Belle of the Ball is an organization but the event itself is like a shopping experience, it’s called a boutique day, girls go out to shop from what’s on the racks except they don’t have to pay when they leave.

Students have to be referred to be able to participate. They have to be referred by someone from school, a church member, or someone from an an outside agency; students aren’t able to refer themselves . O’Connor explained “when [she] [refers] students [she] gives the organization information about that student and [explains] why that student should be able to participate in the boutique day”.

Overall it’s a great event, not only do students benefit by prom being made more affordable for students, but “there are many students who also volunteer at the event to help other girls pick out prom dress that would mean so much to them” O’Connor stated.

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