After being postponed from an earlier date in January, Malden High School’s Wrestling team will finally be attending Sectionals on February 10th.

Sectionals will be held in South Newton and will happen around 9:00 am. While not every team member will be competing, all members of the team will be present to support their teammates.

Some of the players who will be playing in sectionals are Seniors Seth Jones, Carlos Parada Araujo, Paul Genetti, Hasnat Moughal, Bryan Madrid, and Junior Pericles as well as Freshmen Alexy Mozyaev and Liam Jordan.

Moughal predicts the team will do well in sectionals, saying that “[the team is] capable  of holding [their] own in [their] weight classes and will be able to at least give a good fight within the tournament.” He also mentioned that the team has prepared as much as they can for sectionals.

Senior captain Carlos Parada Arajus sparring with a fellow teammate. Photo by Jett-Le Tran Le.

While Moughal is confident that MHS will succeed, he adds that “[some of the team] will end up placing, while others will be [eliminated] early on [in sectionals].” He hopes that “some of [the team] will do good and hopefully make it into states.”

Sophomore Ved Gray did not make it into sectionals, but he will still be there to help support his teammates. He thinks the team will do well at Sectionals and mentions that “[he cannot] predict who will make it, but [he is] sure at least a few of [them] will make it to states.”

Gray added that “[his] teammates have been through a lot of matches throughout this season.” He believes that “through those matches, [he felt that his teammates] have experienced and learned many new things that [they] will try to incorporate into [their] matches.”

On how the team will prepare for states, Gray says that “there [is not] much for [the team to] prepare for but [they] have done as much as [they] can to get as ready as possible.” He added that “[even though the team] cannot know what will go down in sectionals, [he knows some of his teammates] will do pretty good and go into states.”

The wrestling team is looking forward to participating in Sectionals and will be cheering each other on in the tournament.

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