Boys Lacrosse Profile: Hasnat Moughal

Senior Hasnat Moughal as goalie. Photo submitted by Moughal.

Senior Hasnat Moughal is goalie on the Malden High Varsity Lacrosse team. He has been playing lacrosse since his freshman year, and prior to his freshman year he never played lacrosse. Moughal’s inexperience with Lacrosse is what drove him to play in the first place. Moughal says “it was something that caught [his] eye because it was interesting and there isn’t another sport like it.”

Moughal’s position in Lacrosse currently is as a goalie, but he did not start playing as one. When he started playing, he played a multitude of different positions such as defense,

defensive midfielder, and offensive midfielder. He played these positions until he reached his junior year, when he switched to playing goalie. When Moughal started playing goalie he stuck with it and he found that he liked this position better than all the other ones.

In addition to being a lacrosse player, Moughal also was on the MHS wrestling team from his Sophomore year up until his final season as a Senior. Moughal participated in wrestling in addition to lacrosse because “it helped keep [him] in shape before the lacrosse seasons and it was something to keep [him] busy.”

Moughal is excited for the upcoming lacrosse season, but he knows that he, along with the team as a whole, can improve on a few things. He states “one of [his] main goals is for the team to have a better record overall and another is to just have good team chemistry and try to play the best [they] can every game for all 4 quarters.” Moughal also personally wants to get better at communicating with his teammates on the field. “I need to work on getting my message out to the defense during the game in order to make them as impenetrable as possible-”, says Moughal.

With high hopes for this current Lacrosse season, Moughal also hopes to continue playing Lacrosse in the near future at Mount Ida College.

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