Colby Sawyer College Visits Malden High

Representatives from Colby-Sawyer College, located in New Hampshire, came Malden High on Wednesday to explain students about the annual Summer Summit program.  

As explained by representative and a former Colby-Sawyer alumni Brian D. Gallagher, it is a five-day summer program for incoming high school seniors in which students can get “a sneak preview” of the college lifestyle for a week.

The student attendees will be “living in the residential halls, eating in the dining hall, and doing lessons with all the different professors up on the different majors”.

Now although it is a liberal arts school, there are many courses for students to take, such as health science, environmental, politics, etc.

One of the main benefits in joining the program is building relationships with other students with the help of activities such as having a campfire with “smores on the quad”. Throughout the experience, the students will also gain a knowledge of how college, along with mentors to help guide you through the process from the college applications to graduation.

If the Scholars can successfully get accepted into the program, they can receive a Summit Scholarship that consist of $28,000 along with a $4,000 Early Action Grant which can get renewed each year if the student can keep up with the academic standards.

For Senior Shelly Maxine, she felt that experience “definitely showed [her] how to be a college student even before [she came] to college” in the sense that she needed to think ahead for what she wanted after high school and having a whole planned schedule with tasks to do during the day.

Apart of the requirements is the student’s high school transcript with either a cumulative  scale of a 3.0 or 4.0 gpa and a letter of recommendation from a high school representative.

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