High Expectations Offers Essay Writing Contest

High Expectations, a college planning and language school in Malden, is hosting their 2nd annual essay writing contest for all students.

High Expectations help students from China and America create a competitive college profile, and navigate through college application processes. Their goal is to help students from different cultures to come together and perform different aspects of the college application process together.

The essay contest was created by Hong Zhang, the Director of High Expectations in China. Zhang has a strong passion for teaching writing skills to high school students. Zhang stated that “writing is always the most honest medium to remember what [he has] seen, thought, and done in [his] life”. Zhang hopes that this writing contest would allow students to embrace the way of remembrance that he does. He wants to create a place where students can share their thoughts on a cross-cultural platform.

One of the topics of the contest is music, and how music has impacted the writer's life or the culture they nourish. Zhang stated that “this prompt encourages conversations between American and Chinese on the world of music. He believes that “music knows no boundary” and the younger generation should “talk about it in a global context.”

The second topic of the contest asks students to write an argument on the benefits of growing up in a small town or a big city. Zhang stated that the students who come to America from a different country would “get to be the cultural exchange messenger between the two countries”. However, since a lot of students come from the countryside. Zhang explained that “this prompt gives a fair chance to both groups of students to present [their] thoughts and wishes.” Zhang hopes that the persuasive writing will allow students to reflect and think better.

The Essay Writing Contest is a chance for all students to improve their writing skills and showcase them. High Expectations wants to connect students from China and America. Lynn Leonard, the owner of High Expectations, a college planning and language school, states that connecting students from these different cultures would allow an “academic setting where [they] can exchange their unique perspectives from one another.”  Leonard states that it is important to promote cultural exchange because “introducing aspects into classrooms promotes critical thinking and intellectual growth.”

The winners of the Essay Writing Contest will receive cash prizes and publication of the winning essays in local news Media. They will also receive a Certificates of Achievement.

The registration deadline is April 30 and the deadline to submit your essay is May 28. For more information visit High Expectations website www.highexpectationsusa.com.

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