Class of 2019 Elections

The Class of 2019 just held their class elections and the officers are ready to fill the positions that the class secured for them. The positions are as follows: Matt Farias as President, Helen Eshetu as Vice President, Santiago Portillo as Treasurer, Salma Bezzat as Secretary, Felix Li and Michelle Nie as Artistic Coordinators, Birukti Tsiege as Volunteer Coordinator, Olivia Forestier and Shataeya Smith as Senior Activities Coordinators , Sebastian Romani as Social Media Coordinator and Cristobal Marey Segual as Historian.

Junior Birukti Tsige said that “[she] wanted to be a part of [her] class [office] for [her] last year of high school and felt like [she] had a lot to offer.” This is not her first time running, she tried to run for secretary but did not get elected for it. “When running this year, [she] wanted to choose a role [she] [could] [fill] without spreading [herself] too thin for next year.” The roles requires her to “attend meetings, take notes of volunteers for events, contact them and make sure everyone shows up to make everything run smoothly.”

What Tsige is most looking forward to is the prom coordination and how to make it better than before. She stated that she is “most looking forward to [making] Prom 2019 the best prom ever and working with [her] fellow officers.” She has that confidence in herself with this position because she has the same quality as needed to be the best in that position, “[She] believes [she] is the right person for the job because [she] is responsible, organized and able to work with [her] classmates to make prom and senior year the best it can be”.

The Class of 2019 Officers from left to right: Juniors Santiago Portillo, Salma Bezzat, Shataeya Smith, Sebastian Romani, Cristobal Marey, Olivia Forestier, Michelle Nie, Birukti Tsige, Felix Li, Matt Farias, Class Advisor Rebecca Corcoran, and Helen Eshetu. Photo submitted by Rebecca Corcoran

Romani said that “[He] ran for the Social Media Coordinator position because [he] won the position last year as well, and [he] fell in love with everything that consisted of being an officer meant but also being in charge of the social media outlets for the class.” This is Romani’s second year in the position. In this position, Romani states that “[he] needs to be very outgoing and flexible about going to games and getting in touch with many of the students in [the class of 2019].

What Romani is most looking forward to in this position is “[getting] things ready for Prom” but he is also looking forward to “all the senior perks, being able to hand out [class] shirts and senior sweatshirts to others. [He is also] really excited to get started on senior activities and to get ready for [his] final moments together at Malden High that [he] will truly cherish.” Romani has that confidence in himself because “[he] already [has] experience with this position and [he] [knows] how things work with the rest of the officers and what things [they] are supposed to do and when. [They] have a really great work ethic with each other”.

Some of Romani’s plans are to “start planning like a senior shout out or something to post on the pages and to also give some shoutouts to our Class of 2019 athletes. Something to just shine a light on those who had worked really hard for the last four years. [He thinks he will] start putting up attendance and stuff because [he feels like that is] something that everyone would probably like to have, especially [because] [he is] always coming to school super early.”

Overall, the Class of 2019 officers are looking forward to planning their senior year.

Anna Silva

Anna Silva is a senior who is returning for her second year in the Blue and Gold. Silva likes being a part of the Blue and Gold because she gets to “express [her] opinions.” She enjoys writing about both sports and local news. Silva, in particular, finds the track team a very “interesting” topic to write about. During her free time, Silva listens to music (of which she doesn’t have any preference to), and watches tv shows like Chicago PD and CSI.

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