My Malden Experience

For the last four years I have been attending Malden High School with two of my best friends. We were all nervous as freshmen, we were leaving the place we were most comfortable in and going to a new school. One of our best friends had gone to a different school to pursue her own ambitions. It all felt so—for lack of a better term—weird. For quite a while people were supplying us with various prejudices about MHS. No one ever prepared us for how much of an impact it would have on our lives.

From left to right, math teacher Kayla Scheitlin, seniors Alicia Tan, Jeannie Basile, Megan Downer, and science teacher Jessica Sullivan.

As a freshman I was bubbly but also a bit introverted, and when with my best friends I was quite outgoing. However, I learned you could strive best at MHS by simply being who you are. This community is welcoming beyond comprehension and it is easy for anyone to come here and call it their home. My freshman year I was not involved in much at the school, I was terrified of going out of my comfort zone and I kept making excuses as to why I should not get involved. Once I did become more involved, I realized the world of opportunities right in front of me just because I was a MHS student.

My sophomore year I joined the field hockey team with some of my best friends. I never thought I would love the sport as much as I started to. I was definitely not the best player and I knew absolutely nothing about the sport except for how the stick looked due to Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars having played the sport. Once I started playing, though, it was impossible for me to stop. My team was my family, and at the end of the day being able to relax and have fun on the field is what helped me most.

Outside of field hockey, I also partook in some clubs but the only one I really stuck to was Literary Society, which I did with my best friend Alicia Tan. Even though this is a small group, it taught me that no matter what ,there will always be someone else with the same interests as you willing to pursue them with you.

High school has been an experience that made me grow a lot as an individual and MHS has shown me that there is always a way to get through anything.

I have found an endless support system that will last a lifetime because of MHS. Some of my favorite memories will be from my experiences at MHS, such as laughing and smiling with friends at the wonderful plays here or our unique JVs show, and staying after school with my homeroom teacher, Kayla Scheitlin and also science teacher, Jessica Sullivan. We created our own family here and I am forever grateful for the after school laughs and pick-me-ups from everyone in that little family.

MHS held so many events for students to really immerse themselves in and one I was involved in each year since it originated was the Dancing With The Teachers show.

My two best friends Jeannie Basile and Alicia Tan, and myself joined together with both Ms. Scheitlin and Ms. Sullivan to create crazy dances to throwback songs and kids movies songs. This experience was something so unique and I thank MHS for providing such events for everyone to be able to just have fun with the rest of the community.

I was so nervous to come in to high school but after being here for four years I can proudly say that MHS and Malden are my home. The experiences and opportunities I was provided with here were outstanding and I will always hold them dearly.

To the staff members here at MHS who I became close with, thank you for your endless support over the years. This school has an abundance of amazing staff members always willing to help any student and it never ceases to amaze me how involved and supportive the staff here at MHS is.

To my best friends, thank you for always being there for me. I can not wait to experience this next adventure in our lives with you guys.

After four years on the newspaper staff as well, I am proud to say I will be attending Curry College in the fall to study communications. I am excited to begin this journey and I am grateful to the Malden community for shaping me into who I am today and helping me discover who I want to be.

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