Meghan Kyne is a new member of the Malden High School staff.  Kyne has been a part of alternative schooling programs in the past and is now an English teacher for the Pathways Program.

The Pathways Program is an alternative option within the high school that allows students to take a different path to get their high school diploma. It can also be for students who need to be in a smaller classroom. Though these students are part of a different school setting, they still need to take the core subjects, pass the MCAS, and reach the required 21 credits in order to graduate. Kyne believes that the students in the Pathways program “become more like a family” since the classes there tends to be smaller.

Kyne first became a teacher because she enjoyed helping her students figure things out and building a relationship with them at her first job at CREST Collaborative in Methuen, Massachusetts.  She taught in CREST’s alternative program for six years, and has been a teacher for 16 years.

Kyne became an English teacher because of her love of reading. Kyne loves to read biographies, non-fiction books, and historical fiction.

When Kyne teaches her English classes, she tries to incorporate different teaching methods, whether it's done through video, music or reading a book with poetry. Kyne says that she “[tries] to keep it from focusing on just reading or just writing but [instead] using all aspects of it.”  Kyne believes that building a relationship with her students is important and helps “create activities and lessons with their interests and personalities in mind.” Kyne wants to give her students “the opportunity to express themselves” and “experiment more.”

Principal Chris Mastrangelo, Pathways Program Manager Ronald Janowicz and Holland House Principal Marilyn Slattery all describe Kyne’s personality as very poised, confident and professional.  Kyne seems to be an outgoing person and has a sarcastic sense of humor that makes her seem welcoming.  

Kyne has many different hobbies that she enjoys doing besides reading, including distance running, hiking, baking, and spending time with her sixteen month old daughter. Kyne completed her first ever half marathon on October 21st. Kyne also appreciates hiking in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.  Her favorite hike she has done so far was the Knife Edge trail on Mount Katahdin with her brother, saying that “it was simultaneously beautiful and terrifying at times.”

Kyne had lived in Malden for three and a half years before coming back as the new English teacher in Malden High School.  After hearing about the programs they offer at MHS, when Kyne saw that there was an open position in the Pathways program, she immediately knew she wanted to apply.  Kyne hopes that she brings a different element to Malden High, and hopes to stay for a long time.

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