The Teenage Republicans logo. Photo from Wikimedia.

Malden High School is offering a new club, the Teenage Republicans, with Sophomores Gabriel Matnog and Chris Josefowitch as first and second chairs and Sophomore Alex Cogliano as secretary.

The club officially began at MHS October 31, but belongs to a network of clubs that stretches not only through the state, but through the country. There are currently chapters in every one of the 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. The main goal of the Teenage Republicans organization, also known as TARS, is to serve the country while also learning and experiencing the political system within the United States.

While his initial interest in creating the club arose from witnessing the creation of a chapter of High School Democrats at MHS, Matnog elaborates that he had always “thought that it would be a lot of fun for [to be something to have at the High School.”

Club member Jason Ashworth recommends joining the club to everyone saying that “it is a really fun club with really great people where we discuss politics and topics in the world or on the news.”

Josefowitch agreed with Ashworth saying he found TARS interesting because “[republicans] are the minority in Massachusetts and it's good to finally have a place where [conservatives] can talk to each other and be able to find other students that believe in the same things.”

Each club meeting has a new discussion topic, and these discussions are what Cogliano believes will “help [him] learn more about the Republican Party and influence how [he votes] long term.”

The club also has events coming in the months to follow, including a debate at the Teen Center against the High School Democrats. The date of the event is still to be determined. Meanwhile, the Teenage Republicans meet every Wednesday at 2:20 PM in B332.

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