A Christmas Prince Will Put You in the Christmas Spirit

A Christmas Prince movie poster. 

As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Christmas movies have been my way to relate to everyone who does and learn more about the holiday. It has become something I look forward to doing every December.

When Netflix came out with A Christmas Prince last year, I was unable to get to it simply because of the huge list of other movies I wanted to watch. But this year, I finally got around to watching it.

I can simply state that if you want a cute, light-hearted, Christmas romantic movie that you can binge watch, this is definitely it. From the very beginning, the two main characters can already be placed in the OTP ship and be sent off into the Atlantic. Their relationship was like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry if Meghan Markle was a journalist and Prince Harry was in line to become King.

The movie follows an ambitious American journalist, Amber Moore, who was stuck mopping up editorial pieces for a magazine company until she finally got her big break. She is assigned to go to Aldovia (not a real place) to dig up all the dirt on the irresponsible playboy Prince, who is also rumored to be planning to abdicate his father’s throne a year after his father’s death. The Prince’s coronation is set to be on Christmas Eve and the media is constantly trying to learn more about the Royals, trying to find some big story. The press meeting she was originally assigned to backfires, but the determined journalist sneaks into the Castle and conveniently gets mistaken for Princess Emily’s tutor, the Prince’s little sister. Princess Emily, who suffers from Spina Bifida, acts pretty bitter and feels she is treated like porcelain by everyone including her family. But after meeting Moore the princess finally finds a person to confide in and someone to actually have fun with not treat her like an expensive glass ornament.

Moore meets Prince Richard and is surprised by the person she meets. Throughout the movie, the two slowly but surely began to get closer. Moore’s mission switches from finding dirt on the royal family to dedicating herself to finding out the truth. Sketchy acts by The Prince’s cousin, Simon, cause eyebrows to be raised and, Lady Sophia, the Prince’s ex-girlfriend, comes running back to Prince Richard hungry to become his wife and along with it, the Queen. Moore attempts to find the scoop while trying to balance pretending to be someone else. Following the formula of most cliche movies, decisions made by the protagonist with the best of intentions end up coming back to haunt her.

A Christmas Prince had a common lesson that taking a risk in life can be rewarded and you can only find your real purpose in life when you strive away from normal and take on the uncomfortable. The movie did a wonderful job to remind the people watching that regardless to how many interviews, articles, or any type of media out there, you still don’t really know the people you see on those platforms and you can’t really decide what type of person they are that until you meet them. Because for the most part, the media is more interested in creating an eye-catching headline, then finding out the truth that may not be as interesting. But most of all in true Christmas spirit, A Christmas Prince conveys the importance of family and that true meaning behind it. And that the people in your life will love and support you through everything regardless of how difficult that is for you as well them.

As a holiday movie, it is very warm. I don’t wanna reveal too much but if you’re looking for a cheesy romantic movie but with a lot of heart, then you should definitely watch it. And if you love Christmas movies, this would be perfect for you. It’s not too slow and the build up was actually really nice. The writing was really fluid and the acting was well done. The Movie also featured some well-known names like Rose Mciver as Amber Moore who can also be recognized as Tinkerbell from Once Upon a Time and Liv Moore from iZombie. It also stars Ben Lamb as Prince Richard who some may recognize as Anthony Rivers in The White Queen, Owen Case in Now You See Me 2. It is a great movie to sit down with friends and family and watch together. I would definitely suggest adding it your watchlist on Netflix and when you finish it make sure you check out the sequel released this year, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

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