Golden Tornado Club Will Host Fundraiser

The Golden Tornado Club will be hosting their second annual comedy live show fundraiser on January 17 of next year. It will be taking place at the Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus in which the tickets are at a price of 45 dollars and only adults are allowed. With that ticket, participants eat at the buffet along with a donation made to the club itself.

All the proceeds will be going directly to the club’s account to provide scholarship money for the student - athletes that will be graduating in June on scholarship night. Charlie Conefrey, who is the athletics’ director and a board member of the club explained that every year, they donate “over $11,000 to numerous student athletes to help pay for college expenses.”  

When planning this event, Conefrey believes that the most difficult factor is knowing “the perfect time to hold a fundraiser.” From past experiences, they have learned when and when not to hold a fundraiser and found it a better option to have during the holiday season. Another factor that went into the decision was the cold weather as it is a good advantage since “most people stay home because they can not do anything outside because [it is] freezing.”

All the other fees will also go to Kowloon for the rental of the venue, food, drinks and the comedians. Aside from the food, Kowloon has been a “tremendous supporter of local high schools“ during the years. Both the owners and the staff have always been “friendly and welcoming to host events such as fundraisers and athletic banquet.”

Since the show is for only adults, the comedians participating are well known in the local area with their own comedical routines. Specifically, they will have to do some research for this event to make jokes relative to the school and community.

As a leader and former hall of famer for MHS, Conefrey is most looking forward to the outcome of support from people for the student athletes. He always “ take[s] great pride in giving back“ along with “see[ing] the community come together to support the younger generations.”

For advertising purposes, social media is their best option as they have both an instagram and twitter. The club also has a facebook page to help connect with the older generations that they always stay up to date.

Neden Bernadin

Neden Bernadin is looking forward to her fourth and final year at Malden High and the Blue and Gold. She is eager for her senior year and beginning the college application process. After high school, Bernadin sees herself most likely going to a state college, potentially majoring in Law or Business. She enjoys World History because of its complexity, although she also enjoys writing and reporting. She describes the reporting process as fun, due to the fact that she gets to meet many new people and research new things about events occurring around her. Blue and Gold really helped Bernadin open up and overcome her shyness. Overall, she hopes to accomplish a lot in her last year and make it a memorable one.

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