David Mervilus Makes an Impact in His First Season at MHS

Junior David Mervilus shooting a free-throw. Photo by Jesaias Benitez.

Junior David Mervilus is one of the new players on the MHS boys basketball team this year. A transfer from Montreal, Canada, Mervilus, has already made a huge impact on the team his first season, and has established himself as a key part of The Golden Tornadoes.   

Mervilus described Canada as being similar to Malden in the sense of how school is constructed. He explained how MHS has longer school hours but that “[he] find[s] that the education in Canada is harder than [MHS].”

Mervilus considers Canada to be more difficult because a student’s schedule can have up to ten classes or eight to nine classes. In contrast, he mentioned how at MHS his schedule for the first semester will only have six classes and for the second semester, only five classes.

Prior to playing basketball at the age of 11, Mervilus played hockey. Due to the expense of the equipments needed to play hockey, Mervilus decided to play Basketball, which he “love[s].”

Mervilus explained that his overall goals for the sport is to pursue a career in Basketball in which he aspires to go far. As for team goals, he explained that he wants the team to have an exceptional season and make the playoffs. He continued to add that despite some of the disappointing outcomes the team has had in games this year, he believes that the team has put in forth “great efforts”.

As for weaknesses, Mervilus explained that he needs to improve on making his shot consistent as well as work on decisions he makes on the court pertaining to play making. In contrast, he explained his strengths are his ability to drive “hard” to the basket, and knock down shots.

Mervilus continued to describe that he is working on his three pointers. He believes that although his mid range is exceptional, “it could be better.”

Mervilus was awarded MVP during the championship game which was against Snowden. He explained that “[it was] a great feeling because [he] work[s] hard and when they called [his] name for the MVP [he] congratulate[d] [himself] because all the hard work [he] did, paid off.”

During the game against Snowden, Mervilus scored 37 points. When asked what he did differently, throughout that game, he replied by saying “[he] had a different mindset.” Since this game was so important for MHS, Mervilus wanted to win and just “takeover and play [his] game.”

In the beginning of the game, Mervilus scored 21 points in a row and just began thinking that “it is [his] game and [he] should just continue scoring.” Mervilus alson mentioned how he was more aggressive and knocked down more shots, including five of seven attempts from beyond the three-point line.

Although Mervilus played a great game, he also highlighted the performances of his teammates stating that “it [was] a group effort and [they] all played [their] best.”

Jemisha Syliant

Jemisha Syliant is a Senior at Malden High School, and an essential member of the Blue and Gold Staff with her new position this year as Editor-in-Chief of Web and Mobile Apps. Syliant has been apart of the class for all four years of high school and the reason she joined was because she loves writing and “wanted to get more involved with the world.” She is very dedicated to the class, as well as in school. Syliant has a passion for human health and it is because of this that she has been apart of the psychology club since last year and takes an interest in a career in the medical field. Her nationality consists of a Haitian background and describes herself as a balance of someone who’s outgoing and shy. In her free time, she enjoys listening to a wide variety of music and watching netflix. Syliant is excited for the year and also looks forward to how the class will go.

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