MHS Introduces New App: iMalden

The iMalden app is a free new app that helps students with their schedules at Malden High School. Students who use the iMalden app, can either see which class they are in or will have next. Users are also allowed to see how much time they have left in their current class, along with being able to view fellow students who use the app and look at their own day rotation and  schedule if it is either public or request to see their classes.

The app was created and distributed by the University of Pennsylvania who are trying to launch apps all over the nation. Students at UPenn who had no previous connections before, contacted Malden High Senior Agatha Silva to get a team together, from all grade levels, and have them help her to promote the app.

“They told me to push the app,” Silva stated. From there, Silva began using screen recordings to demonstrate the different functions of the app. The same screen recording was posted by her friends who she recruited in order to promote the app.

The students at UPenn decided to create the app because they were told that Malden High has a reverse waterfall day rotation schedule, which is very different from standard rotations that are used across the nation.

There are other schools that have this same app such as Nutley High School, Wilton High School, Bethel High School, Weston High School, Newtown High School.

There are currently 454 users now using iMalden. Malden High freshman Karen Jeanette Rivera who is an app user stated that “I like the app because it allows me to get from one class to another without any confusion.”

iMalden allows students to have their schedule all in one organized app. “I used to have my schedule as my lock screen on my phone but now I have it in an app and it’s way better,” said Rivera.

The new iMalden app is now available in the app store.

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