From left to right: Angelique Fleuridor, Rodge-Neima Joseph, Sabrina Monteiro, and Rayane Silva Santos wearing their princess crowns. Photo by Joseph Luongo.

Malden High School Art teacher Mary Ann Seager and the Fine Arts Club arranged a Pink Party on Wednesday, March 7th of 2019.

At the party, there was a table filled with supplies for creating and decorating crowns. The supplies included measured construction paper, sparkling wrapping paper, charms, and ribbons. Seager helped everyone through the process of making crowns by also providing pencils to sketch out the patterns they desired, scissors to cut them out, and hot glue guns to place the charms on the finishing product. There were also ribbons and beads on the table for whoever was interested in making bracelets as well.

After everyone was finished, snacks such as brownie bites, chocolate chip cookies, frosted covered vanilla cupcakes, and fruit punch were passed out for everyone to enjoy while the 1954 Original Rodgers and Hammerstein musical of Cinderella played. The film was extremely popular back then and originally only aired on television but was later on brought live on stage in 1957.

The idea behind the pink party and watching this version of Cinderella began after Seager went to see it in at the Colonial in Boston over Christmas vacation. Seager expressed that “it’s still a powerful story of a young girl who has a very strong personality and goodness in her heart…it’s a story worth being told again and again. That’s why [she] love[s] it so much.” She also emphasized that in this decade, teenagers only know about the disney version of Cinderella and she wanted people to watch it in a different format and perspective.

Looking back at all the dedication people from clubs have put into events and making it “worthwhile,” has made Seager think about this opportunity to “just do something beautiful, listen to music, have some fun, and feel like princesses.”

Junior Rodge-Neima Joseph, was one of the people who attended the event. Joseph was influenced by a friend to join and she explains that “it was fun and a great way to relax from all of the school work. It was as if [they] were back in middle school doing arts and crafts and eating sweets.”

The Pink Parties expectations were met and enjoyable for those who attended and there is hope for more of these events to come in the near future, especially for those who were unable to attend this time around.

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