American Muslim Center Arabic School Relocates

March 30th marks the opening day of the American Muslim Center Arabic school. The AMC leaders purchased a building two years ago in Everett. They used to rent out a building which was also in Everett, however they had multiple fundraisers throughout the year in which they were able to raise roughly a million dollars. With this money, they were able to purchase a new building which was only a few blocks down the first school that they were renting. The new building is also in Everett, near the Veterans Memorial stadium.

The first floor was repaired first and it was designed to be a mosque. Overall, the men’s praying area takes up most of the space on the first floor. It took $150,000 to complete the first floor. They bought praying carpets which were spread out into the praying area. Then they constructed bathrooms. Within the bathrooms, they also installed these special sinks that people can use so they can wash up before they pray. Also, there’s an office for the sheikh (chief/head) of the mosque. Beside the office is a kitchen where some of the leaders would cook for the special  events that are held at the mosque. Finally there is a special guest room for the other Sheikh that comes from Morocco to the Everett during Ramadan (fasting season) every year to recite and give lectures.

As soon as the management team finished the construction of the first floor, they had another fundraiser to raise money for the second floor which was going to be a arabic school. It also took roughly $100,000 to repair the second floor. They just finished constructing it the month of March, 2019 . It was divided up into multiple rooms. There are about seven classrooms and an office for the Arabic school Principal, Waffaa Wahabi. Wahabi has been in charge of the Arabic school since 2012 when the AMC administration used to rent out the other building.

AMC has a weekday school and a weekend school. On weekdays they’re open on tuesdays and wednesdays from 5 o’clock to 7:30. During the weekend, they open on saturday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm for the elementary students and 3:30pm to 6:00pm for the middle school students. In school, the students learn to read, write, and speak arabic. They also memorize quran and so on.

The students were excited to move up to the second floor. One of the fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Hanan said “it’s a good thing that the second floor is ready because it’s too chaotic with all the kids roaming around on the first floor.” On the 6th of April, the administration had a party for the opening of the school. The students and their parents were invited and food was served.

The AMC arabic school is open to anyone who wants to join. They have classes for students who are as young as pre schoolers and who are as old as high schoolers. They’re ready to continue the year by teaching these kids and working harder to give them a better education.

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