Feminism and Multicultural Club Hosts Movie Night: Historical Documentary of Dolores Huerta

Movie poster.

Feminism Club and Multicultural Club held a movie night, showcasing a historical documentary about Dolores Huerta.

Dolores is a historical documentary that stars Dolores Huerta and her contribution to the American Farm Workers Union. Huerta is the mother of 11 children and an activist for civil rights. The movie follows her journey at the earlier stages in life, starting from her childhood. She continues to be an activist to this day as she is on her late 80s. The movie covers her fight for women but also her representation for people of color.

Feminism Club advisor, Kerry Veritas, chose the movie and decided to host a movie night after learning about Dolores Huerta and her story. Veritas stumbled upon the movie and after watching it, saw how it covered various topics that went beyond feminism. The movie covered aspects that made sense to incorporate Multicultural Club. She wanted to share Dolores’ story but also show that her contribution to history was equal to what men did.

Senior Jenny Chen is the vice-president of the club and spends a lot of time planning with Veritas. Chen states that “[Veritas] was drawn to this movie and the story it told because of who Dolores Huerta was.” She stressed the importance of sharing Dolores’ story with everyone “especially because of the mission of the feminism club,” which she says is to “educate and support.” Chen enjoyed seeing montages of current women politicians. She particularly remembered a line from the movie that was prominent to her and current American politics. She states “it startled [her] a little, because it was said so many years ago and the relevance of it is so strong that the exact phrase is something I’ve heard in political speeches from grassroots community organizers.”

Sophomore Sophia Duffy joined Feminism club her freshman year “but [she] really started to be more engaged with the club this year.” She joined because she saw mistreatment of women and girls in the school and wanted to “make a change and help make the school a better, more educated place,” while also educating herself on such matters. Duffy felt the movie was a great representation of  “Dolores and everything she worked for.” Showcasing the movie was the perfect opportunity “to educate people.”

Chen stressed the fact that “the documentary [is not] just her story as a woman in America, or even as a person of color, but a woman of color.” As a member of the club, she wanted to make sure that the movie night was inclusive of everyone “and the Multicultural Club was the perfect partner to do that with.”

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