Class of 2020 Holds Elections

As the Malden High Class of 2020 wraps up their junior year, new students stepped up to run for next year’s senior officer positions.

Advisor Caitlin Quinn explained that “senior year is always memorable if you choose to enjoy it and make the most of the few high school days you have left.” Quinn hopes that the students in the class have a “great end to their four years of high school,” as they all look forward to an “exciting prom in May.” She is most looking forward to graduation since “it is such a proud moment for students and families,” and because of the fact that she has gotten to know many students in the Class of 2020.”

President Jacky Luong expressed that senior year is typically a year when there are many fun events, “which [he] will make sure is a mix of MHS traditions and class of 2020 specials.” He believes that they have a talented group of class officers, who are creative and have “the ability to pull off some unique events.” Since he was not a class officer last year, he plans on catching himself up with the ideas that the officers “left off with prior to elections and helping them build on those ideas.” Luong expressed that it is motivating for him to know that the Class of 2020 elected him as the Class President. He explains that he is looking forward to working with the other officers to “live up to my word and make senior year a year for [the] class to cherish.”

Vice President Christine Nguyen is grateful to have this title for all four years of her high school career. With all the preparation and planning that Nguyen and the other officers have done, she anticipates many fundraisers to make “prom tickets more affordable [...] so [they] can celebrate and finish off [their] year well.” Nguyen explained that they hope to “improve on persuading more people [...] to help contribute or participate in events and fundraisers.” As their senior year approaches, Nguyen believes that it is nerve racking since the “outcome of all [their] fundraisers determine whether or not [their] upcoming events [...] will be the best it can be.”

Treasurer Keri Gilligan states that she is “simply going to try [her best] to end [her] high school experience strong.” She expressed that she hopes to “create more of a community feel for [their] class.” She wants to host “more events and fundraisers where [the class] can grow closer as friends and peers.” Gilligan explained that this year they have a great council full of talented and creative students. Especially since it will be their senior year, she wishes to improve their “communication within the council.” Gilligan sees “running Junior Varieties [as] a test to see [their] collaborative teamwork” and she believes that “the outcomes makes it evident that [they] are able to work together very well.”

Historian Bethan Taddeo is excited to serve as a part of student council for their senior year. She is excited to coordinate fundraisers and “take pictures of all the class events to capture [their] senior moments.” Taddeo expressed that she believes that she and the other class officers are likely more excited for prom because “all of [their] effort to make money [would be going] towards the prom.” She mentioned that she believes that their biggest struggle is getting the class of 2020 to support and contribute to their fundraisers. She further elaborated that they “often have the same core group of volunteers helping the officers at fundraisers.” Taddeo believes that if students in the class of 2020 were “a little more involved, it would make a huge impact.”

Gilligan expresses that she “[feels] a certain type of school and even class pride from being on the council and being able to see [their] progression.” She hopes that the rest of the class is able to “see the work that the council has accomplished” and the efforts they made to “[make] high school the most enjoyable it can be.” Gilligan stated that her and the other officers are proud to be “representatives of [their] class especially in senior year” being heavily involved in the planning of senior activities like prom and graduation.

The Class of 2020 has a car wash planned for Saturday, May 18th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, and a Chipotle fundraiser on Tuesday, May 28th. The officers plan on hosting another Krispy Kreme doughnuts fundraiser in the future, as their previous one was very successful.

Julie Yu

Julie Yu is a senior returning to the Blue and Gold as Editor-in-Chief. Yu has been taking journalism since her freshman year. She initially joined the class in hopes of improving her writing skills but primarily intended to report on sports news. Through the class, she established a love and appreciation for the Malden community and local news. Yu’s goals for her last year are to be proud and confident of the class’s lasts such as the last article, the last newspaper, and more. Alongside that Yu hopes to teach the ins and outs of journalism to the newcomers this year, as well as the previous editors once taught her. Despite the love that she has developed for journalism through the years, Yu plans to pursue a career in the medical field and ultimately become a pediatrician.

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