Internships Whisk Seniors from MHS into Job Market

As the class of 2019 approaches the end of their senior year, some students have the opportunity to partake in senior internships. Senior internships are offered during fourth quarter for all seniors. These internships allow for students to try working in a certain field of interest before fully committing to it after highschool.

The preparation stage includes a variety of steps consisting of a proposal paper and contract, a house principle/ guidance counselor sign out, parent/guardian release, a CORI form and an internship hour tracker.

Multiple different fields are open to different seniors to intern at. “The options for internship are very wide,” according to Senior Ana Oliveira, who is currently interning at Malden High School’s Daycare. Since Oliveira takes three Advanced Placement (AP) classes, she decided to be an intern working in the school, so that she will be able to go back and forth between her classes and her internship conveniently.

Oliveira decided to partake in senior internships because “[she] really wanted to get a taste of what it is like to have a job” which will help prepare her for taking on a job while in college. Taking on an internship was also another way for Oliveira to “[gain] more responsibility before heading out to college.”

Oliveira first heard about this opportunity back in middle school when her sister decided to take on an internship and “so while [she] was in middle school [she] was already interested.”

There are positive and negative parts to working at an internship. Taking on an internship allows for students to leave classes early and to also get a taste of what field they might want to pursue in the future. However, if any seniors are taking any AP classes, they are required to go back back and forth and attend all of their AP classes.

To complete their internship, each senior must write a paper and create a poster which they will present at the end of their internship.

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