Softball Ends Their 2019 Season

Freshman Lissette Curran adjusting her helmet. Photo by Courtney Fitzgerald.

This year’s Malden High Softball season is soon coming to an end, and all of its members are incredibly proud of the season, and excited for what is next to come. With three games left to play, the current record for the Varsity Softball team is 3-14-0.

Although the record shows that the team hasn’t been on form all season, sophomore Varsity player Sarah Whitehouse has explained that “although [they] didn't get the number of wins [they] wanted [she] think[s] [they] definitely performed to the best ability [they] could.” The team always remained positive no matter what the result was. As Whitehouse described “no matter what the turnout was, the team always proceeded to stay positive with the help of [their] amazing captains.”

This season, the team has done well in multiple different areas of their game. Whitehouse described that this year the team did a great job of being positive no matter the result of the game. Whitehouse explained “if someone made an error in the field, struck out, or if a game was lost, [they] as a whole team would make each individual feel better about their mistake. No matter what happened there was always someone there to cheer and pick up another payer if they were feeling down.”

A player who has stood out this season is sophomore Maciel Biato. Biato has improved incredibly over the span of this season, especially considering that this season she is fresh out of the Freshman team. According to sophomore player Maddie McCarthy, “Biato has proved that she has what it takes to be a valuable outfielder for the team by making outstanding catches and backing up plays over the season.” Along with the skills she had improved upon personally, Biato has also had a positive impact on the team as a whole. Whitehouse explained that Biato provides the team “with so much confidence because she has caught so many balls in the outfield and it's just great to see her improve and be able to catch the ball with full confidence.”

Although this season has been a terrific experience for all of the softball players, the team feels as though next year they can only improve. One aspect of their game that can be improve upon for the next season is their communication on the field. McCarthy believes that even though they “tremendously improved on aspects of our game”, they also need to improve on their “communication on the field.”

The Softball team is also very excited for the upcoming season, despite the fact that they will be losing a ton of senior players. Almost all of the entire starting infield, including the likes of Taylor Bozzi, Paige Dow and Kiera Robertson, will be moving on but Whitehouse has faith that “the rest of the team, and incoming freshman players can step up and fill in the positions well.”

Although this season did not go as expected, there is a lot of optimism around next year’s season. With three games remaining in the season, the players are ready to improve and perform to the best of their abilities.

Cristopher Correa

Sophomore Cristopher Correa returns to the Blue and Gold newspaper his second year as a lead reporter. Due to Correa´s passion for reading and writing, he quickly realized his love towards the subject of English Language Arts. As a result of Correa's appreciation towards writing, his freshman ELA teacher Ms.Giberson recommended him to join the Blue and Gold newspaper class. Growing up, Correa developed an enjoyment for reading, especially the Harry Potter series. In addition to being an enthusiastic reader, Correa involves himself in other interests. In school and out of school, Correa participates in soccer; ever since his grandfather introduced the sport to Correa he began to play and compete on soccer teams. During Correa´s free time, he enjoys watching movies in a variety of genres but especially likes comic book movies.

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