New Staff Profile: Alison White

Alison White is the new freshman guidance counselor for Boyle House at Malden High due to Heather Northrop, the former freshman guidance counselor, being promoted to the Jenkins house principal. White did her internship at Malden High School last school year. During her time at MHS she worked alongside Belowsky.

White's mother was an educator for second grade students all her life. She said she “got used to somebody being in that role of an educator,” she also mentioned how she also “grew accustomed to their schedule and how they do things.” White said she decided at that moment she would end up involved in education.

White got to know students in a summer program and was able to see the different struggles that they went through. Being a guidance counselor, she took up the role where she could help students with the things they went through and help them through their education. “That was an ideal job” she said.

White stated how she “[can not] wait to see for years from now what the freshman of today will become.” Being a part of the students lives through both good and bad things is something that she enjoys the most about her job.

Outside of school, White loves being outdoors and she enjoys hanging out with her friends. She played softball during her time in high school and she is considering joining a recreational softball team during her free time and possibly being a coach in the future.

She wants students, teachers, and faculty to think that guidance counsellors are “really here to help students and even help teachers.”

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