New Staff Profile: Christine Moyer

By Lunieane Duval

Christine Moyer is one of Malden High School’s new social worker/adjustment counselor. She is responsible for providing group and individual counseling to students. She attended Boston University for her Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Sociology and stayed there for her Masters in Social Work.

When looking for places to apply for, Moyer found herself looking into Malden High School. She had worked in Malden as an outpatient therapist and had formed some solid relationships with other staff in the building, which was one of the many reasons why she chose Malden High School.

Her main goal is “to address the social and emotional needs of students.” This can involve things like mental health, issues with friends, behavior, etc. Anything that can affect the student's ability to focus in class or interrupts other students from focusing.

Moyer mentioned that “it can be difficult to balance a student’s mental health needs and their academics” because of what students go through at home and in school, but she finds a way to “make it work.” She even explains how the “amount of students that want to meet with a counselor can be overwhelming!” And how she wishes there were “more time in the school day.”

Even though there are difficulties that she encounters on the job nothing beats how much she loves “being able to meet and work with so many different students” and how “it is so great to see kids grow and work through difficult times”.

She does the majority of the counseling session by herself. However she works closely with teachers, principals, nurses and the other adjustment counselors in order to provide the best care to students.

Although it is the end of a successful school year at Malden High School, Moyer is happy to be here and is excited for next year and the many years to follow.


Sara Zakaria

Sara Zakaria is a senior at Malden High and the Print Editor-in-Chief. Zakaria has been with the Blue and Gold newspaper for her fourth year now. She continued her pursuit in the newspaper due to her enjoyment in designing the newspaper and being a leader in the class. Zakaria wants to energize the paper and add her own creative flair to it. Although she is not certain about what she wants to major in, she knows she will study journalism regardless. Additionally, her favorite subjects are history, English, and French. Zakaria is also passionate about film--not limiting herself to a certain film genre, however, her favorite director is Quentin Tarantino. Throughout her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to music, describing her music tastes as “anything classic.” She wants to finish her year strong and bring her best abilities to the new Blue and Gold year.

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