New Teacher Profile: Rebeccah Griffith

In the beginning of the school year Malden High welcomed a new PACE teacher, Rebeccah Griffith. Despite this being her first year teaching, she also has experienced being a paraprofessional at Watertown High School and Middle School, and at the Cotting School in Lexington.

Griffith feels very welcomed by her team at Malden High. Getting to know the student body has been one of her best experiences. She finds it amazing that there are so many different languages and people that work together.

Griffith went to a public school in West Virginia which she describes MHS as a “very different setting from [there].” After that, she went a West Virginia university and came to Massachusetts for graduate school.

At Malden High, Griffith teaches the basic core classes, and also important life skills such as community safety, cooking, and communication. She says that she loves working at Malden High because “the school community is so supportive and inclusive.”

Griffith expresses that her favorite part about working here is the school community. “It feels as if everyone in Malden is so connected through the public schools and is invested in each other’s success.” She finds this to be a unique strength of the school.

In addition, she loves to “teach any students regardless of their needs and regardless of what they were facing.” This was a big reason why she wanted to be in special education.

Finally, Griffith wants everyone to know that, “anyone is always welcome to come by and visit [her] class,” as she continues to say she “love[s] to meet new people.”

Jemisha Syliant

Jemisha Syliant is a Senior at Malden High School, and an essential member of the Blue and Gold Staff with her new position this year as Editor-in-Chief of Web and Mobile Apps. Syliant has been apart of the class for all four years of high school and the reason she joined was because she loves writing and “wanted to get more involved with the world.” She is very dedicated to the class, as well as in school. Syliant has a passion for human health and it is because of this that she has been apart of the psychology club since last year and takes an interest in a career in the medical field. Her nationality consists of a Haitian background and describes herself as a balance of someone who’s outgoing and shy. In her free time, she enjoys listening to a wide variety of music and watching netflix. Syliant is excited for the year and also looks forward to how the class will go.

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