New Staff Profile: Rachel Leblanc

Rachel Leblanc enters Malden High School as a new U.S. History 1 co-teacher, literacy skills teacher as well as being a Special Education teacher.

Before coming to Malden High, she taught fourth and fifth grade at the Madeline English school in Everett. For the last three years she taught at the Rumney Marsh Academy in Revere. From there, she was a Science and ELA educator. This year will be Leblanc’s fifth year teaching. 

Choosing and sticking to a future career was not a problem for Leblanc. She has always had a passion for teaching. Leblanc explains that “[she] decided when [she] was nine years old [...] that [she] wanted to be a teacher and [she] stuck to it,” as she is at Malden High pursuing her dreams. 

Rachel LeBlanc is a new teacher at Malden High School. Photo by Jana Elshafey.

So far, Leblanc is liking Malden High. She likes how the schedule changes up everyday because it is a nice change of pace. She appreciates how helpful the staff are and how the people have been very welcoming. And of course, she has also gotten the opportunity to meet a lot of great students.

Outside of school, she coaches volleyball. She still coaches in Revere as she explains it is something she loves doing. Leblanc also likes reading and going to the gym when she has the time.

Leblanc was hired by Chris Mastrangelo, the school Principal. Mastrangelo said she was well suited for this position because “she has such a strong understanding of Special Education as well as the co-teaching model.” Therefore, it is clear that “she has a passion for her work as well as her students.”

Leblanc is happy to be at Malden High. Mastrangelo is excited to see her grow as a member of the MHS family because “she seems to really get our [students].” He is also grateful that he had the opportunity to bring her into MHS because he believes that “our [students] will benefit greatly from having her here.” 

Jana Elshafey

Jana Elshafey is a sophomore at Malden High School, and was a part of the Blue and Gold Newspaper last year. For her return this year as a reporter, she plans on comparing the articles she worked on her freshman year with the ones she is going to write this year in order to improve her craft and watch her growth. Elshafey feel[s] that she will “prosper” this year due to the class being smaller, which will allow her to focus on getting her work done more efficiently. Reflecting on her freshman year, she spoke of Journalism being her favorite class and mentioning it was by far the best experience at MHS, especially with Mr.Gallagher as the teacher. Her favorite part of taking this elective is “having the freedom to write creatively about a topic that allows [her] to express ideas as a writer.” It is because of this that she decided to come back for her sophomore year! Elshafey adds that she will be walking around the school in her trendy outfits with what she describes as both “chic and comfy,” in hopes of displaying her confidence, which is what she’s all about.

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