New Clubs at Malden High

Clubs are a great way to get more involved at Malden High, and joining one is as simple as going to a meeting. These extracurriculars are an amazing opportunity for students, and there are many new ones starting this school year.

The Environment Club was started by juniors Leila Imani, Juliete Piere, Christine Joy Dumo, and Huyen Nguyen, and is advised by English teacher Christine Day. The purpose of the club is to “talk about environmental issues and try [their] best to make Malden High a more green [and] sustainable environment,” according to Imani, the club’s president. The environment club meets most weeks on either Wednesdays or Thursdays at 2:30 in room J360. To sign up for Remind notifications for Environment Club meetings, text @agkk2e to 81010.

The RESPECT Club is another new club this year, started by sophomore Verlineca Bellange. She coordinated with Senator Jason Lewis to create this club, after discussing the issues they saw within Malden High during last year’s Generation Citizen Civics Day. Bellange says the club’s goal is to “improve the physical and mental wellbeing of students by offering the kid’s [perspective] to adults.” The RESPECT club is advised by history teacher Michelle Filer. They meet every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 in room J380. 

The RESPECT club's first meeting on September 30th. Photo via Mayor Gary Christenson on twitter (@MayorOfMalden).

Charles Bowers and Timothy Lane, two business teachers at Malden High, are the co-advisers for the new Finance and Investing Club. Started by students in Bowers’ Advanced Placement economics course, Lane says the club was formed to give students the opportunity to “share and learn from one another about their beliefs and knowledge of the economy.” The finance club meets every other Wednesday at 2:30 in B329. Bowers says “[they are] trying to get sophomores and juniors who might be interested” so that they can “take over the club [next year],” so if you’re interested in finance and economics, consider stopping by a meeting! 

Another new club is the Film Production Club, which focuses on “[helping students] develop [an] interest in film and creativity.” The club president Siena Lee shared. The club will be working on skills such as writing, acting, and video editing, and eventually “[working] on film projects all together as well.” Meetings are every Thursday at 2:30 in J348, advisor Laura Gould’s room. To sign up for their Remind notifications, use their code @78b49k7.

To top it all off, the Barbershop Quartet Club was also started this year, advised by Choral Arts teacher Todd Cole. The club centers around singing in a quartet style to perform for others. Club head Demitri Borrero says that “the focus [of the club] is teaching kids that are interested in music things to sing.” Borrero wanted to start the club because he is “very passionate about music and very passionate about teaching,” and would love to teach kids “after school about music.” The club meets every Wednesday from 2:30 until 3:00 in H215.

If you’re interested in expanding your extracurriculars, joining clubs is one wonderful way to do so. Consider checking out these great new additions to Malden High’s ever growing variety of clubs.

Lauren Mallett

Lauren Mallett is a sophomore, and a returning reporter for the Blue and Gold at Malden High School. Mallett joined the class because she has an interest in writing and learning design. During her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, as well as dancing for a local dance company. She enjoys listening to punk rock and metal music, but mostly the band Waterparks. She also likes listening to solo artists like Billie Eilish, and Tyler, the Creator. Sherlock on BBC is her favorite TV show and Love, Simon is her favorite movie. After high school, Mallett hopes to pursue a career in accounting and finance because she likes math and the concept of handling finances.

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