A Deeper Look Into the Tiny Houses at MHS

 Tiny Houses have become very popular as well as the idea of living off the grid and saving money and electricity. Many people in this world would rather this lifestyle because there is less of a negative impact to the environment. 

Auto Shop teacher Chris Bazzinotti stated that “a lot of people in this world see large amounts of waste and pollution and some people really want to live clean.” More people are trying to make an effort to help the planet and make it cleaner. Bazzinotti stated that “[he is] too spoiled to live off the grid.”

But, the Tiny House project was a way for students to learn many new things which included taking business classes, construction classes, and science classes. The Tiny House project received a grant to create a small solar house. They paid students$11 an hour to create this Tiny House and they worked on it all year. The students also went on many field trips to see different types of energy being produced. The Tiny House is used for “a green energy lab and trying to figure out and [to] learn more about living off the grid.” Bazzinotti added that there should also be a windmill being put up there soon.

The Tiny House project not only helped the students learn many new things but also prepared them for jobs they might find interesting.Construction, solar energy, designing and the electricity industry are fields many students get into.

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