Opinion: Top 10 Holiday Movies to Watch on Netflix

I am going to fill you all in on a little secret by telling you the best way to spend the holiday season. Christmas is not only a time for gifts but also a time to cherish and spend time with the people you care about. What better way to do that than by laying down on your couch or bed, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the top 10 Christmas movies on Netflix!


  1. The Holiday Calendar: The movie has been a hit over the course of the year. It only arrived back in November of 2018 but has gotten a lot of attention since then. It may have to do with the fact that the two main characters, Abby (Kat Graham) and Josh (Quincy Brown), are extremely attractive. Maybe it is just because the plotline of the story is really magical. This romantic comedy is about two lifelong best friends (who also both happen to be photographers) that fall madly in love with one another. It started with an antique holiday calendar that Sutton’s grandpa gave to her. A small door in the calendar opens each day of December and there are tiny objects inside that connect to Sutton’s real life in unexpected ways. Whatever the reason may be, this movie is definitely a fan favorite.
  2. Holiday in the Wild: This movie is much more realistic and less-cringe worthy in comparison to other Christmas movies. Starring Kristin Davis, Kate finds herself divorced and with her son going off to college, she decides not to waste the second honeymoon she originally had planned with her husband and goes to Africa without him. While she is there, she and the pilot, Derek (Rob Lowe) help save a baby elephant and she finds herself falling for him. In the process, she overstays her visit to nurse other elephants too. 
  3. The Knight Before Christmas: Starring Vanessa Hudgens playing the role of Brooke, she encounters a 14th-century knight and shining armor, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) on the streets of Ohio in the present day. He is faced with a decision that could change his life completely: to stay in 2019 happily with the love of his life or officially becoming a knight that would send him back to his homeland. It is the perfect rom-com to watch with a younger sibling or anyone who just loves watching corny Christmas movies as much as I do! 
  4. Holiday Rush: This single dad is struggling to keep his house in order and after being fired from his job, Rush (Romany Malco) is forced to make some changes. He and his work partner Roxy (Sonequa Martin-Green), decide to start their own business and to save money, he moves in with his aunt and teaches a lesson to his four spoiled children. Oh, and let’s not forget the little romance action going on between him and Roxy. 
  1. Christmas with a View: A ski resort restaurant that Clara (Kaitlyn Leeb) works at, is expecting celebrity chef, Shane (Scott Cavalheiro), to be their new head chef. Everyone besides Clara is very thrilled about it but later on, starts to grow an actual connection with him. This movie is great for those who would prefer a romance built from food, which I am sure is everyone since food is not only essential to living but also a way of life!
  2. A Christmas Prince: A journalist by the name of Amber (Rose McIver) is assigned a story to get the latest gossip on Prince Richard (Ben Lamb). She manages to sneak into the palace and pretends to be Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey)’s tutor. All the while, she creates a personal relationship with both her and the Prince, leaving her with the potential of marrying him and becoming a Princess.
  3. Dear Santa: Crystal (Amy Acker) comes across a letter in the streets, that is written by a little girl and is addressed to Santa Claus, asking for a mother this Christmas season (since her mother recently passed and her dad is lonely). Since she is single and ready to mingle, she goes on a hunt for this girl and ends up volunteering at a soup kitchen with the girl’s father, Derek (David Haydn-Jones). They face some bumpy roads but ultimately fall in love with one another.
  4. Santa Girl: All Cassie Claus (Jennifer Stone) wants is to live a normal life but since her dad is Santa Claus (Barry Bostwick), he wants her to stay in the North Pole and take on some responsibilities. Thankfully, he agrees to let her go to college so long as one of his elves goes with her and while she’s there, she must keep a very low profile so that no one knows who she really is. She meets two potential lovers on her journey but is then reminded by the elf, Pep (McKayla Witt) that she must proceed with the arranged marriage when she gets back home, due to an agreement that was made a while ago with Santa Claus and Jack Frost (Hank Stone). But Cassie decides not to go down without a fight.
  5. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish: While this aspiring singer, Kat (Laura Marano), is working with Santa and his helpers, she finds herself falling for the new Santa Claus who just so happens to be Nick (Gregg Sulkin), the popular kid from her school. She continues to hide her true identity from him, afraid that her social status will affect his feelings for her and also faces obstacles with her evil stepmother and two evil sisters. This movie is especially great for those who are fans of the other three different versions of the movie, A Cinderella Story. 
  6. A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale: Starring Lexi Giovagnoli in the role of Luce, she is tricked into walking a developer’s dog and meets Dean (Jonathan Bennett), a dog walker at the park. At first, she despises him and his idea to keep the dog park after learning that the owner of the dog she’s been caring for is responsible for wanting to tear it down. But she is soon convinced by his charming ways, to help him change the developer’s mind. Obviously, Luce and Dean fall in love in the process!

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