Photogallery: Varsity Gymnastics v. Winthrop

Read more about the gymnastics team here. All photos taken by Karen Rivera.

Karen Rivera

Karen Rivera is a sophomore at Malden High School, and is joining the Blue and Gold staff for the first time this year. She has always enjoyed English Language Arts, however, she feel[s] as if she is not “always able to be too creative with [her] writing.” Rivera will ensure that she writes more often, in hopes of improving on word integration in her work, and enhancing her vocabulary. She mentions that she has always wanted to join Blue and Gold but felt “discouraged” because she thought “all the writers in the class were naturals.” Rivera is also nervous that she could possibly hold back the class due to the fact that most students have been training for at least a year. Fortunately, Rivera built enough courage to join this year, and is really looking forward to a year full of “creativity and writing.”

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