MHS Choral Arts Society Visits Malden Public Schools

After February vacation, the Choral Arts Society packed up and went to the middle schools.  In hopes to gain new members the following year, the Choral Arts Society sings to eighth graders and encourages them to sign up by showing them what they do in the class. On Tuesday, February 25th, the students started their journey at Ferryway and continued on to Salemwood and Beebe.  On Friday, February 28th, they continued their journey to Forestdale and ended their trip at Linden.

Lynn-Sarah Georges, a Sophomore and part of the ‘Nothin’ But Treble’ group, mentioned how this was “a new experience” seeing as it was her first time attending. Georges also mentioned that one of her favorite parts of the trips was the bus rides. The bus rides have all singers on them including the older singers giving everyone the chance to “get to know each other better.”  Georges expanded on how she liked this new experience saying that “each school was different.”  

Gabriel Sathler, a junior at MHS, said that although this was his third year going, it was “an incredible experience.”  Since Sathler has been in chorus for his entire high school career, he has created many bonds with the people in chorus stating that “the choir is like a second family.”  Similarly to Georges, one of Sathler’s favorite parts of the trip was the bus ride. Another one of Sathler’s favorite part of the trip was “eating at Pisa Pizza and singing for the staff.”  

Each school has different types of students, and each student is unique in their own way.  When there are performers who visit the schools, the student body is usually excited, but that is not always the case. Georges explained that “some students were interactive while others were unresponsive.” On the contrary to what Georges said, Sathler explained that “the students liked [their] performances.” He also stated that even though some of them may have been shy, “they enjoyed every minute of it.”  

Overall, the Choral Arts Society was able to inspire students to sign up for Chorus in the following years, and was even able to have a little fun themselves. Unfortunately, due to circumstances with the coronavirus (COVID-19) ending the school year earlier, the Choral Arts Society will not be having their annual Spring concert. 

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