Life Without A Phone: During Quarantine

Imagine having a phone during one of the craziest times in the 21st century, could never be me!

We have been in quarantine for two months now and not having a phone during quarantine is not that bad. Yes, of course, it has it’s fair shares of ups and downs but I just got to make the most of it to fit my needs.

Here are some of the pros of not having a phone. Not having social media has been very beneficial because I do not have to be spending my day scrolling through pages. Another thing that I can do is that I get to spend more time with my family. Lastly, I can watch more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

A major con of not having a phone is not being able to talk to friends that I would see every day during school. To be honest, it gets kind of lonely because I spend the whole day with family and when I do talk to someone from school, it’s only for a few minutes. Another con is that there is no personal way for me to document this pandemic.

Overall, no phone during quarantine has been interesting. It has been a roller coaster of an experience with many challenges. Like every person I am just taking this day by day, living in the moment.

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