Malden High School welcomed Claudia Romero as a new member of the World Language department. Romero takes great pleasure in teaching. She taught in many schools both private and public. Romero attended five universities where she had great experiences. She was the leader for her extracurricular activities and played volleyball.

Photo of Claudia Romero. Photo submitted by Romero.

      Romero’s educational background includes a Masters in Business from El Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE) / IPADE. She also worked at Disney World in Orlando, Florida as a cook. She loves to share her knowledge and she loves to help her students to understand a new language. What brought her to teaching at Malden High School was “[she believes] the [students] in public schools need the same opportunities [as] the [students] in private schools.”       

       According to Sharon Kalagher, another Spanish teacher, Romero “is kind and is very helpful with the students.” Kalagher thinks it is “great to have Spanish teachers who have grown up in Spanish speaking countries. [It is] fun to talk about culture with someone who has lived it first hand.”

     Romero has been teaching for about fifteen years. She is very open with her students and has high expectations for them. She makes sure that the lessons are clear and dynamic. Virtual learning has been a challenge for Romero because “[she] likes to know her students [personally].”

     Marta Cabral, a former Spanish teacher and now the Holland House Principal, was on the committee that hired Romero. She acknowledged that Romero was a good fit for the World Language department. She stated that Romero is “very outgoing and something that really attracted [them] to hiring her was her interest in the art, music, culture and how she was going to incorporate that into her lessons.” 

     Romero attended Le Cordon Bleu Paris which is a Chef’s Culinary Arts school. She then used her cooking skills to help others by creating a YouTube cooking channel. Outside of school she has a catering business where she goes to her clients’ houses to cook and serve them. Cooking is her hobby and “[she] loves it.”

       She is glad that she is working at Malden High School within her time working in public schools. She loves the “diversity, the different backgrounds, and the different cultures.” Her experience at Malden amazes her because the students are “responsible and [are] very engaging [in] the class.” She feels blessed to have her students.

        Romero is passionate about teaching Spanish and appreciates having the opportunity to teach her culture as a proud Mexican. She volunteers with a foundation that helps kids with low income that loves music and wants to learn any musical instruments in Mexico. The Program in Mexico City provides the place and teachers. She helps out by getting all the instruments that they need and sending them to Mexico City. She also volunteers in an association in Boston that provides scholarships for women and mothers that need to continue their education who are also from low-income communities so they can get better jobs. 

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