Posse Scholarship Profile: Ana Dörner

The Posse Scholarship has been recruiting future leaders and giving students opportunities that they might not have, as well as assisting students who may not have considered college as an option. It provides the foundation, the financial support and opportunities for building those skills with internships and transferable skills for careers. 

They help create amazing opportunities for students who want and have a bright future through their program. Senior Ana Dörner is one of the award-winning students who received a Posse Scholarship for her hard work towards her success. 

Photo submitted by Dörner.

Dörner is going to be attending Centre College, where she will be majoring in business and economics, and finance. Dörner excels in math and wants to major in something where she can become financially stable. She is leaning towards hotel or restaurant management, because she believes “[she] has a really strong leadership spirit since [she] was a little kid.” 

She enjoys being crafty and doing DIY’s, she also quite enjoys doing makeup, singing, and loves music in general. Dörner has been playing volleyball since she was a freshman and was captain for two years in a row. In fact, she “grew up watching her father play.” Her first year at Malden High was really hard because she had been in the United States for less than a year and she struggled with learning the language and getting into the swing of things. 

Despite that, Dörner worked hard toward her goals, and “since [she] was a little kid [she] always tried to give [her] best into everything she [does],” she said. This scholarship has helped her be proud of herself and of the people around her who helped her get where she is now.

Dörner was in David Londino’s English 9 Honors Class and was very dedicated to her work. Londino was very proud that Dörner won this scholarship because even though she had trouble learning the language, she was a hardworking student. He added that “if [he] put her in a group, she would become a leader in that group.” Londino stated that Dörner is a very outgoing student and loves taking action and thriving towards her goals. She is also really good at setting short term and long term goals. 

When Dörner first heard about receiving this scholarship it was a little nerve-racking for her because even though she felt very lucky to have won this scholarship, it was also a lot of pressure. The Posse Scholarship is based on leadership and how a student is doing academically, therefore recipients have to maintain certain grades and GPA. 

Though recipients have to maintain a grade for this scholarship, it also pushes them to work harder at the same time. “It provides them a structure and a motivation to do the best they can,” Jessalyn Brown states, who is a new guidance counselor at the school. 

“Malden High School has some amazingly talented, gifted, strongest resilient students who are leaders that are going to make a difference in the world,” Brown said. Many students have faced obstacles when it comes to education. The Posse Scholarship Foundation looks for strong academic candidates who keep up the classes that they are in, striving to continue and grow as a learner and challenge themselves.

Dörner would tell kids who are aiming towards this scholarship that “No matter what path of life you come from or no matter the hardships you’ve been through you can get wherever you want to be, don’t be afraid to ask for help.” People do realize when a student is trying their hardest. Dörner worked hard for this scholarship and continues to grow and work towards a career in what she is passionate about and encourages others to do the same.

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