The Science National Honor Society, in these times, has decided to perform a community service for the Malden community, in creating a peer-tutoring program for the middle school students of Malden. The peer tutoring program will be aimed towards helping the students of the middle schools in math and science, providing much needed aid, especially with remote learning generally feeling more frustrating and difficult to a large number of people.

The peer tutoring program operates on a rotational basis, with students divided into two cohorts, cohort A and cohort B. The cohorts rotate every week, with cohort A taking over one week, cohort B taking over the next week, and so on. The tutoring session itself lasts about one hour long, with cohorts separated into breakout rooms, with two tutors per room. According to Gregory Simone, the advisor of the club, “[they] figured [that pairing students] up might be nicer, the members kind of [feel that it is] hard to do it alone, and maybe a little awkward.”

An officer of the club, Krishi Shah, expressed that she felt that the program had gone off without a hitch, further explaining that she understands that it is “really hard to engage people from two different schools virtually.” Another officer, Billy Zeng, agreed with Shah, adding that “the officers and the club have been planning this ever since December,” which is why he believes the “program has been able to start off so strong.”

In terms of future expansion, Simone stated that “instead of branching out to other subjects, [the club] may just try to access more students [...] through different teachers or different schools.”

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