Top Sunrises and Sunsets of April Photo Gallery

All photos taken by Juliana Luong. 

When the sun rises and sets, what do you think of? When the sun sets, some people can say it is when you think about the hard day you’ve had. And when thinking about the sun rising, you think about the tiring day you will endure. Or people can say it reminds you of when werewolves and vampires come out of hiding. But what about when you are in the moment? When you haven’t started that stressful day, or the break of your day finally begins. That moment of peace and clarity filled with the colorful thoughts and feelings of the people on Earth. 

The two times of 24 hours, 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds that you can let go of that breath you’ve held all day and a chance to prepare for another. Where time stops for a little while with consuming silence, and maybe a little bird chatterbut nevermind that. There are so many ways to make ourselves feel good in the morning by just waking up a couple hours earlier and ending your night better.

Exercising is something that can always make you feel good physically and mentally, and is the best to do before the sun and the moon rise. In Malden, biking the bike path is a great way to reduce stress. Even walking or running around your neighborhood a few times with a goal of a mile. Not every moment has to be spent outside either but considering this year, staying inside is what we have mostly done, it is nice to have a break. 

Although exercise is healthy physically, there is also a more mental side that needs to be healthy as well. Some people enjoy journaling, reading, or even meditation. Any way you choose to spend those hours, day or night, can give you a kick to start your morning or a great way to end the night.

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