Malden had the ball view of the offensive line. Photo taken by Ashton Calixte.

Malden High School’s football team prepared all week for the Revere game hoping to stay undefeated 2:0 in the GBL (Greater Boston League). Before the game, the team was watching a film of Revere showing the team what positions and plays they will be making. During the film, head coach Witchie Exilhomme encouraged the boys to “send a message to Everett because they will have the film of today’s game.”

The bus ride was fun and lighthearted. Players were goofing around making jokes but when they entered Revere they got serious. Pulling up to the stadium, kids going home from school were shouting at the bus “take the L!” and “Malden sucks!”

The game started immediately with the players not giving it their all and not focusing on the plays. Whenever Revere got the ball, the sidelines were supposed to call “Run” or “Pass”. Doing this helps the team in case they were not paying attention or could not see what was happening; calling it out and hearing it will help the defense out.

Head Coach Witchie Exilhomme. Photo taken by Ashton Calixte.

During the game, Justin Desimone injured his calves during a play taking him out for the rest of the game. Jerrell Calixte avenged his teammate making block after block. The game continued with Malden struggling to catch up, and they ended up falling behind by seven touchdowns and four field goals bringing Revere to 46 points and Malden still at zero. After slowly and carefully gaining yards, Malden was finally near the end zone. 

Quarterback Aidan Brett passed the ball to Makhial Coulanges-Blaise, giving Malden their first and final points on the board making the total score 46-6. Malden took a terrible loss and is now working on their way to their next game against Lynn Classical. Exilhomme noted “[they] are starting to look like a football team and playing like a football team in practice, but [they] just have to put that energy into an actual game.” With the new coaching staff, the team has the right people and techniques to win and ¨[they] did not come here too lose and [they] do [not] have a loser’s mindset,¨ said Exilhomme.

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